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Support programs for businesses

Support programs for businesses

Given the ongoing Covid19 outbreak, various programs have been created in order to help businesses that have been adversely affected by the crisis. On this page you can find out more about all the available support programs and how you can sign up.

Antivirus program

The so-called Antivirus program has been created to help businesses compensate salaries for their employees in order to avoid unnecessary lay off's. The program started on the 6th of April and is fully digitalized.


Covid Technologies Program

The aim of this program is to support projects that are directly linked to curtailing the further spread of the Covid19 virus in the Czech Republic. Aimed at small to medium sized businesses, the Covid Technologies Program offers subsidies to firms that are willing to diversify their production for the development of technologies that can be used to combat the Covid19 virus.


Covid I loan

On 16.03 the national COVID loan program has been set into motion. The aim of this joint program of the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (ČMZRB) and the ministry of industry and trade (MPO) is to allow small and medium sized businesses to fund their operations in response to the Covid19 crisis.


Covid II loan

After initiating the COVID I loan program in mid-March, the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (ČMZRB) has prepared the so-called COVID II program; a follow-up program aimed at increasing the scope to even the smallest business owners.


Covid III loan

The Government of the Czech Republic enacts the COVID III warranty program,The aim of this program is to support firms with up to 500 employees whose economic activities have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.


Proof of concept program

The aim of the program is to support activities that will help to ensure the development of the technology transfer and knowledge among research organizations and companies that may apply the results of research in practice.


Country for the Future – Innovation into practice program

This support program has been established in order to introduce newly developed products into production and onto the market. In the context of the Covid19 outbreak and its negative impacts on various sectors of the economy, this program aims to introduce new solutions in the form of innovations inspired by medium and small businesses.


Czech Rise Up

The ministry of Industry and Trade is issuing a call to support projects within the Czech Rise Up – Smart Measures Against COVID-19 program. The program aims to support the development and production of respirators and other technologies aimed at combatting the coronavirus pandemic.