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Current developments

Current developments

Warning: Strict hygienic measures apply. 

It is no longer obligatory to wear face masks except: 

  • In public transport 
  • In public indoor spaces (e.g. not in offices) 
  • During gatherings of more than two people (not incl. family members) 

UPDATES 25th of May 2020:

  • All dining services can now open their indoor areas (incl. dining areas in shopping centers) 
  • All hospitality and accommodation services (hotels, campsites etc.) can now open. 
  • All taxi services can resume their activity. 
  • Tattoo and piercing shops can now open. 
  • Youth recreation activities (e.g. summer camps) can resume. 
  • Zoological and botanical gardens can open their indoor areas. 
  • All swimming pools (indoor and outdoor can now open) 
  • Castles and chateaux can now open their indoor areas. 
  • Saunas and wellness centers can now open. 
  • Primary school pupils can now attend both curricular and extra-curricular activities in groups of 15 and less. These groups cannot be modified later. Wearing face masks is obligatory in common areas but not compulsory during classes (however, it is encouraged). 
  • Public gatherings and events (both indoor and outdoor) are now allowed but limited to 300 participants.
  • Sport facilities can now open public areas (showers, changing rooms etc.) 
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