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How can your business help

How can your business help

Given the ongoing Covid19 outbreak, various programs have been created to allow firms to offer their capacities to the government and other private bodies that have been adversely affected by the crisis. On this page you can find out more about all the available support programs and how you can sign up.

Save jobs!

Considering recent layoffs of employees in response to the Covid19 outbreak, the Czech Chamber of Commerce has launched the so-called Save jobs! program. The aim of this program is to allow affected employers to find alternate means of employment for their employees in different companies.


Hack the Crisis 

In cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and a number of other partners, CzechInvest has launched the so-called Hack the Crisis hackathon. This concept brings together the state, regions, universities, companies and associations with the aim of accelerating selected projects reflecting our country’s priorities in the fight against the coronavirus.



The project was established in reaction to the needs and capacities of both the state and private sector. The aim of this project is to connect companies willing to assist the state gíven the current situation or receive specialized support from other firms.


Czech Rise Up

The ministry of Industry and Trade is issuing a call to support projects within the Czech Rise Up – Smart Measures Against COVID-19 program. The program aims to support the development and production of respirators and other technologies aimed at combatting the coronavirus pandemic.