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 Can I come to the Czech Republic for a short business trip?

  • If you hold a residency permit, you can access the territory to perform an irregular business activity (e.g. meeting, executing a contract). You will need to present an official form (available on the Ministry of Interior’s website), an invitation, a contract or a diplomatic note at the border. EU nationals can also enter the territory on this occasion, if on top of the above-mentioned documents, they also present a negative PCR test (no older than 4 days).

 As an EU citizen, can I come to work or study in the Czech Republic?

  • Yes. First, you must notify the Ministry about the date and time of your arrival to the country. To cross the border, you need a negative PCR test, which will be followed up with another one in 10 to 14 days after your arrival. You also need to present a filled in document confirming your reason to travel (available to download on the website) plus an additional document (such as an employment contract or an invitation letter) to support your cause.

 Is it possible to hold general and company board meetings with a larger amount of people, or are they only allowed to take place online?

  • The convening of General meetings does not have the character of a business or similar activity that leads to the conducting of a business activity, but rather the exercize of of property rights of partners and shareholders. If necessary, we recommend making use of technological means (video conferences, etc) in circumstances exceeding the participation of more than 10 people.

 What are the hygienic rules of newly open shops and businesses?

  • Disinfect baskets and carts after every use and all door handles at least once an hour
  • Enforce safe distances (2 m) between customers inside, as well as outside of the shop.
  • Make disinfection readily available to employees and customers.
  • Ensure that all employees wear gloves.
  • Covering the upper respiratory tract (nose and mouth) is mandatory.
  • It is not allowed to try on clothes.

 How will I pay VAT and submit tax reports?

  • Taxpayers are not obliged to submit VAT reports on time. Any fine of 1.000CZK generated between March 1 and July 31st will be automatically pardoned. Other tax-related fines can be pardoned upon individual request.

 Does filing tax returns also concern those employers that use data boxes?

  • Yes, tax returns can be filed until the 1st of July if the tax is paid at the same time as the filing in order to avoid sanctioning. If taxpayers use this option to file an income tax return, they do not have to document or prove anything to the Czech office of financial administration, in order to be exempted from sanctions. After this, tax payers are automatically pardoned from any sanctions.
  • All taxpayers (Individuals and businesses) will be automatically allowed to file an income tax return and pay this tax without any penalty no later than 3 months later, without having to provide any coronavirus related reasoning.
  • The main goal is to prevent the unnecessary physical gathering of persons that are not obliged to file a tax return electronically. This blanket waiver applies to all taxpayers, regardless of whether they are required to file a tax return electronically.

 How can I solve issues with energy suppliers?

  • All electricity and gas suppliers have been asked to proceed with leniency (especially in cases of late payments etc.). For more info, contact the Energy Regulatory office (

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 Is the Government planning any support programs for large enterprises?

  • The EGAP will be responsible for allocating guarantees to large enterprises. So far, they are focused on export companies, however, they are planning to offer loans to manufacturing and trading companies as well. For more information visit:

 What am I entitled to as an employer?

  • You can register for the ANTIVIRUS program to cover a part of your salary expenses. A series of additional reliefs is also applicable: the date for filing tax returns is postponed, as is the VAT declaration (if solicited), administrative charges are not applicable and the enforcement of the EET system is paused during the emergency state.

 Is the Antivirus program applicable to foreign employers with Czech employees?

  • Yes, if they employ them in accordance with Czech law and if they are participating in the Czech pension system. The funds can only be transferred to Czech accounts.

 My employee is refusing to work in the fear of contracting the disease. What can I do?

  • The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will assess the adequacy, proportionality and immediacy of such decision.

 If my employee is infected, do all my employees have to stay quarantined?

  • Not necessarily, but it is recommended to consult with your regional hygienic office.

 What other forms of support can I receive as an entrepreneur?

  • You can apply for a compensation bonus (25.000CZK) from the Ministry of Finance ( – tel. 225 092 392).
  • If you have a child under the age of 13, you are forced to stay in quarantine or must take care of a family member, you are entitled to a care-giver’s allowance.

 What are the loan support programs and when are they launched?

  • Loan programs are organised by the ČMZRB bank in cooperation with prominent commercial banks, and they are meant to cover your company's operational costs and offer favorable conditons (unlike standard loans). COVID I program was launched on the 16th March and it is currently not accepting applications. The COVID II program was launched on the 2nd April and the first round of applications has ended.
  • Currently, the second phase is being prepared, as well as COVID III, which will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Covid Prague, as a standalone innitiative is currently not accepting applications.
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