Business and Investment Development Agency

Business Environment Barometer – Field Survey 2021

In 2021, the third wave of mapping took place, bringing along significant changes. The most important change was undoubtedly the European grant received by the CzechInvest agency. This grant allowed the agency's employees to fully dedicate themselves to various tasks, including preparations, questionnaire creation, analysis of statistical and qualitative data, and most importantly, the automation of information collection and output evaluation. Similar to 2019, we visited municipalities with an authorized municipal office (POÚ), and with unprecedented success, everyone except for one case cooperated with us. This time, we omitted certain sections from the previous questionnaire because we were able to obtain that information through alternative means. On the other hand, we expanded the set of questions regarding the relationship with entrepreneurs, business support, planned investment events, experiences with PPP or smart city. All this information is otherwise unavailable, and personal interviews remain the only way to obtain it. On this page, you will find an interactive overview of the data obtained through structured interviews with elected representatives of cities or municipalities. We have deliberately chosen to aggregate the results at the regional level, which, in our opinion, ensures secure anonymization of the data. It is important to remember that these descriptions represent a subjective viewpoint. While the mayor may hold one opinion, the council may have an opposing one. Nevertheless, this data significantly helps us in understanding the broader relationships within these micro-regions and deepens our knowledge of local economic ties.

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