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Brownfield locations offer significant potential for further development. Even though their preparation is time consuming and financially demanding, regeneration of such sites can have a positive social and economic impact on the given area. In cooperation with public entities, CzechInvest is working on implementing the National Brownfield Regeneration Strategy, which has the objective of ensuring the creation of a functional environment for brownfield projects.

The term brownfield is understood as a property (land plot, building, complex) that is disused and neglected and may even be contaminated. Brownfields are remnants of industrial, agricultural, residential, military or other activities. A brownfield cannot be used effectively and appropriately without undergoing a process of regeneration.

Brownfields represent:

  • an economic resource, business activity and opportunity that must be used
  • traces of history, a source of national memory and cultural and architectural heritage that should be preserved and refurbished

CzechInvest’s services:

Programme for Regeneration and Commercial Use of Brownfields

Intended for towns, cities and regions, this programme is aimed revitalisation of obsolete and disused sites and their subsequent use for industrial and commercial activities. The maximum size of newly established business locations is limited to 10 ha.

National Brownfields Database

The National Brownfields Database registers selected sites that correspond to the definition of a brownfield. The purpose of the database is to provide an overview of the number, characteristics and development of brownfields in the Czech Republic. The public part of the database serves as an offer of sites for investors. The non-public part serves for statistical purposes with respect to the monitored occurrences and forms overviews of support for brownfield regeneration. The database currently contains records of 3,500 sites, of which more than 450 have been published on the website at

National Brownfield Regeneration Strategy

The objective of this strategy is to create a suitable environment for rapid and effective implementation of brownfield projects and prevention of the occurrence of new brownfields. In order to create such an environment, CzechInvest is collaborating with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry for Regional Development, Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Agriculture. The vision of the National Brownfield Regeneration Strategy consists in revitalisation of sites, expansion of the offer for businesses, improvement of the environment in all aspects and achievement of effective use of previously neglected sites with respect to forming a high-quality composition of built-up areas and landscapes while respecting the cultural, historical, economic, ecological and social standpoints.


The Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness (OPEIC) is the principal programme of EU structural funds for supporting Czech businesses in the 2014-2020 programming period. Aid recipients can use funding from OPEIC to co-finance their business projects in the manufacturing industry and related services. Projects implemented in the Czech Republic (with the exception of the city of Prague) are eligible for the programme. A total of EUR 4.331 billion (approx.. CZK 117 billion) from the European Regional Development Fund has been allocated for OPEIC.
The obligation to register sites in the non-public OPEIC brownfields database stems from the Properties Programme of OPEIC. CzechInvest accepts these registrations and administers the database. The Enterprise and Innovation Agency ( subsequently takes responsibility for assessment and administration of projects.
For the purpose of registering properties in the non-public database for the needs of the Properties Programme of OPEIC, sites are classified in two categories:

  1. Brownfield
  2. Property for refurbishment

More information is available at


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