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Startup support FAQ

Startup support FAQ

Prior to submitting a registration form

In which programmes is it currently possible to register?

You can register in the open calls of individual programmes, an overview of which you can find here.

With what kind of products can one register in the programmes?

We accept into the programmes innovative products that rank among Key Enabling Technologies (KET) or applicable in other high-tech sectors (e.g. HealthTech, SmartTech, Mobility, ICT).

I have an app. Can I register?

Yes, if the application comprises an innovative solution in the given sector.

I am working on something and I want to make it big. Am I a startup?

We generally consider a startup to be a company that brings forth innovative solutions, has growth potential and global ambitions, and is scalable. At the same time, it should fulfil basic criteria, such as the status of a legal entity with its registered office outside of Prague (an exception is companies that have their registered office in Prague, but also have a place of business elsewhere in the Czech Republic outside of Prague). Furthermore, the company should not employ more than fifty people and should have a product or service at least at the level of prototype or beta version (not merely an idea). The company should also not be older than seven years according to its entry in the Commercial Register.

My company has its registered office in Prague. Does that mean that I cannot register?

A condition for entering a programme is that the company must have its registered office or at least a registered place of business outside of Prague. However, even those who do not have such a place of business at the time of submitting the registration form because they are only just considering its establishment or are waiting for its entry in the Commercial Register, can register in a programme. However, you must have such a place of business entered in the Commercial Register by the time we sign a contract with you.

How can I know if my company fulfils the definition of an SME?

A business is considered to be a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) according to this definition.

What is meant by de minimis aid? Where can I find the De Minimis Register?

The central register of small-scale aid (De Minimis Register) serves for registering such provided aid on the basis of the directly applicable EU regulations. The total amount of aid provided to one enterprise and enterprises affiliated with it may not exceed the amount of EUR 200,000. Information on individual grants of de minimis aid is available on the eAGRI portal. You can also ask our key account manager to check it for you.

What is meant by partner enterprise and affiliated enterprise?

For the purpose of providing support, we examine the ownership structure of enterprises. Partner enterprises are those in which the applicant owns 25% to 50% of the capital or voting rights. Affiliated enterprises are those where the applicant owns more than 50% of the capital or voting rights. More information is available here.

What is CZ-NACE?

CZ-NACE is a classification of economic activities by which companies register based on their area of business. We verify their registration in the Register of Economic Entities.

Do I have to be a VAT payer in order to register in a programme?

You do not have to be a VAT payer. Unfortunately, however, VAT is an ineligible project cost, so it is fully passed on to you in connection with invoicing. However, if you are a VAT payer or are considering becoming one, participation in the project will be more advantageous for you, as you will be able to deduct VAT.

Method of submitting the registration form

Where can I find the registration form for the Startup Support Programme (CzechStarter, CzechDemo, CzechMatch, CzechAccelerator)?

You can find the registration from on the CzechInvest website. Or you can easily fill it out online. If you prefer the paper form, you can download it in ZIP format, which you can always find on the subpage of the selected project. 

What are the options for submitting the registration form?

You can send the registration form together with the annexes either electronically (e-registration), via data box or by e-mail (, or you can deliver it in person to CzechInvest’s filing office (Štěpánská 15, Prague).

It is possible to sign the registration form and send it together with the annexes in several combinations:

  1. Fill out the form electronically on our website (e-registration). You can sign the registration form immediately with a valid certified electronic signature, upload it back into the system and send it. If you do not have a valid certified electronic signature, you can have the registration form generated and send it to your e-mail address. For delivery, you can then use procedure C or D.
  2. Send the registration form by e-mail to
    Here it is also necessary that the registration form contain a certified electronic signature. This procedure is possible in the case that you have downloaded the registration form in ZIP format.
  3. Send the completed form including the mandatory annexes via your data box.
    In this case, the registration form can be signed manually and scanned or signed with a certified electronic signature. This procedure is possible if you have downloaded the registration form in ZIP format or filled it out online and you had the registration form data sent to your e-mail address.
  4. Send the manually signed registration form with the annexes or deliver it in person to CzechInvest’s filing office (Štěpánská 15, Prague). This procedure is possible if you have downloaded the registration form in ZIP format or you have filled it out online and had the data from the registration form sent to your e-mail address.

Who can sign the registration form and how?

The registration form must be signed by the person who is authorised to act on behalf of the applicant. In most cases, such person is a managing director, chairman of the board of directors, etc. The authorised person can sign the registration form manually or by means of a valid certified electronic signature.

What if I do not have a data box?

A data box connected with the given identification number is generated for every legal entity. You can find an overview of data boxes here:

Can I send the registration form by e-mail?

Yes, but only to the e-mail address and under the condition that the registration form contains a certified electronic signature.

What is a mandatory part of the registration form?

A mandatory part of the registration form comprises three annexes: the so-called Pitch Deck, an affidavit pertaining to the de minimis register (Annex 3a: it suffices to provide information on the applicant’s ownership structure including partner and affiliated enterprises) and an affidavit on SME status (Annex 3b: it is necessary to state all de minimis aid received to date). If the annexes contain anything that is not filled in completely or accurately, the relevant key account manager will contact you with a request for completion or correction. It is not necessary to sign the annexes to the registration form. A signature is required only on the registration form.

What if I do not manage to send the registration form by the deadline?

After the deadline has passed, it is no longer possible to register for the given event. However, you can register with your startup for one of the other offered events or programmes in the course of the year. The final opportunity to register in the Startup Support Programme will be at the end of March 2021.

How should I proceed if I register in a programme repeatedly?

If you have signed a contract with us, it is not necessary to again complete and submit a registration form for another programme. Contact your key account manager with a letter of motivation.

How should I proceed if I have not received an e-mail with confirmation of registration or sending of the registration form?

It can happen that the confirmation e-mail went to your spam folder. If you do not find the e-mail there, please contact us by e-mail at We will attempt to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

What happens after submission of the registration form?

What awaits me following submission of the registration form?

After submitting the registration form, you will be contacted by a key account manager with confirmation of its receipt. The key account manager first checks whether you have fulfilled all of the formal criteria. If so, the registration advances to assessment and consultation with the selected pre-mentor and then to the second round of assessment. In the second round, you will present your business plan to the assessment committee. The key account manager will inform you of the result.

Is the registration form binding? What if I change my mind or the situation on the market changes after I submit the registration form?

We understand that the situation can change. Submission of the registration form does not constitute a binding relationship or establishment of cooperation, which occurs only upon signing a contract.

Who is the key account manager and with what can he/she help me?

The key account manager is an employee of CzechInvest in the Startups Department who will help you throughout the period of cooperation. Together with the key account manager, you will discuss your business needs and interests, on the basis of which our colleague will recommend other appropriate programmes, competitions and events, and possibly put you in touch with outer important contact persons.

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