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Industrial Zone of the Year 2004


Industrial Zone of the Year 2004

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26 Oct 2005
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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Awards for “Industrial Zone of the Year 2004” were given in the following categories:

  • Industrial Zone with the Most Economic Benefit
  • Industrial Zone with the Most Social Benefit
  • Industrial Zone with the Best Town Planning Solution
  • Brownfield of the Year
  • Most Successful Reconstruction of a Business Property (under the Real Estate / OPIE programme)
  • Special award for Industrial Zone Manager

Industrial Zone with the Most Economic Benefit

1. “Cernovicka terasa" Industrial Zone in Brno
The 179-hectare “Cernovicka terasa” Industrial Zone is one of the leading strategic zones in the Czech Republic. The great success of this project is also attested by the fact that it was completely occupied within a relatively short time, and moreover by major global companies such as Daikin Industries, Aguna, Daido Metal and Ohmori. This industrial zone also exemplifies the involvement of a public entity – in this case the Statutory City of Brno – and a private developer, which is successfully developing part of the zone with leased production halls.

2. "Kralovsky vrch" Industrial Zone in Kadan
This zone is a pilot project of a supported zone under private ownership. The site is currently fully prepared and owing to the close proximity of an electric power plant fully meets even the most demanding energy requirements of investors. It has recently succeeded in attracting a large number of major investors such as Kyocera Solar Europe, Donaldson Industrial, Arla Plast, Zanini and Staba-Service Antikor.

3.Cheb Industrial Park
The zone offers an attractive location amidst the most important transport junctions in proximity to the road leading to Germany as well as good road connections and technically equipped land for investors that would prefer to start production with higher added value. At present this zone is practically full. Investors that have decided to place their investment here include JSP International, Sneeberger, Playmobil, TUP Bohemia and Granit Union. The quality of the Cheb Industrial Park is also confirmed by the fact that last year it was awarded as “Industrial Zone with the Best Town Planning Solution”.

Industrial Zone with the Most Social Benefit

1. Ostrava Hrabova Industrial Zone - 1st Stage
Due to the high unemployment in the Moravia-Silesia region, the investments of companies such as ASUSTek are of major significance for solving the situation in the region. The zone is also another example of successful cooperation between municipal government and a private developer, which is offering not only production halls but also modern office buildings. Thanks to this joint project employment will be available here for more than 2200 people in the coming years.

2.Trinec - Baliny Industrial Zone
The zone is located in a region with unemployment reaching nearly 13%. The decision of investors such as Ergon, JAP Trading and the companies Kern and Vesuvius, which supply and work together with the Trinec Railways, has improved the situation considerably. Job creation in the Trinec - Baliny Industrial Zone rightly ranks the project among those with broad community-wide support and significance for the region. The good news for investors is that, although the existing zone is currently already fully occupied, another 20 hectares are being developed.

3. Koprivnice Industrial Park
The Koprivnice zone is a favourite among investors, which is proved by that the fact that it took first place in this category last year. Unemployment in the region has dropped by 10% compared to last year, which was undoubtedly helped by the jobs created in this industrial zone. Investors that have decided to invest here in recent years include the companies MGG and Seeber, to enable them to link up with the investment of Bang & Olufsen announced last year.

Industrial Zone with the Best Town Planning Solution

CTPark Ostrava

CTPark Ostrava is a well-designed industrial zone whose conception offers not only space for production but also for business support services or R&D. The architectural-town planning solution has been deemed very successful by an independent commission. The zone is very well integrated in the city and is becoming a part of it. The commission decided to award this project for its overall town planning solution, professional approach to project preparation and for its benefit to research & development.

Brownfield of the Year

Industrial zone Skoda Plzen / HQU International a.s.

This is a demanding project to renew an extensive territory that is unlike any other in the Czech Republic. The aim is to regenerate and prepare 160 hectares of space and buildings in the former Skoda – Plzen complex for further use. This complex had to undergo complete regeneration including demolishing buildings, decontaminating the soil etc. The project is all the more demanding in that production us ongoing in several localities in the complex close to the centre and that the area’s position in the city is very tasking on the organization and running of the regeneration. Once regeneration is completed this complex will become a full-fledged part of the city of Plzen.

Most Successful Reconstruction of a Business Property
(under the Real Estate / OPIE programme)


This shows that even projects of smaller volume that are not financially demanding can be of great interest in terms of architectural/ town planning design. The project of Benes and Lat called “Reconstructing an industrial building on the complex of a former spinning factory in the municipality of Slana u Semil to a foundry” was awarded by an independent commission not only for its location, integration into the landscape and transport connections, which guarantee good access to larger towns in the region, but also for the overall architectural design.

Special award for Industrial Zone Manager


An industrial zone manager can be directly a core employee at the municipal office or an employee of a company that performs the respective service for the owner of the industrial zone. Among other skills, such a manager must be able to professionally ensure the industrial zone’s presentation, administration and development and to coordinate further necessary preparations for an investor’s arrival.

The industrial zones eligible for these awards were those that met the definition under the Programme to Support Industrial Zone Development of the Ministry of Industry & Trade and CzechInvest, and especially zones in which in the given period an investment was announced by at least one investor from manufacturing, business support services or technology centres. The evaluation criteria reflect both quantitative and qualitative aspects of developing industrial zones during the year 2004.

Based on the Programme to Support Industrial Zone Development of the Ministry of Industry & Trade a total of 89 industrial zones were supported as of the end of 2004. Investors have already occupied nearly 70% of prepared land, which is optimal occupancy. The land remaining is now available to dozens of interested investors who are currently searching for an ideal location in the Czech Republic.

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