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ONLINE: Expanding to Czech, Taiwan and Beyond


ONLINE: Expanding to Czech, Taiwan and Beyond

2020-11-24 14:30:00 2020-11-24 18:30:00 Europe/Prague ONLINE: Expanding to Czech, Taiwan and Beyond Online
24 Nov 2020
14:30 - 18:30


Taiwan has always been known for its strong strength and completeness of the ICT production chain, and has earned valuable trust among international corporations. In recent years, agenda such as the friendliness of the tech-startup ecosystem, investment opportunities, potential strategic partners and resources from both governments and or from the private sectors can be a deciding factor for startups to consider their landing spot. This event have invited tech-startup companies under the topic of smart city applications for pitch demos, as well as experts from both Czech Republic and Taiwan to share their expertise, resources and success stories.

In order to exchange expertise and interact with professionals to stimulate collaboration opportunities, the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA) is proud to co-organize with Czech Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, executed by the Major League IoT, and collaborates with Startup Island TAIWAN, Taipei Computer Association (TCA), TwIoTACOMPUTEX TAIPEIInnoVEX to organize Expanding to Czech, Taiwan and Beyond on 24th November 2020 at 14:30 (GMT +8). The event features smart city related tech-startups from Czech Republic and Taiwan for pitch-demo, as well as experts who will share valuable success stories and resources for soft-landing to Taiwan and Czech Republic respectively.

The Expanding to Czech, Taiwan and Beyond webinar event is a hybrid event, where this is the ONLINE PARTICIPANT registration page; if you are located in Taiwan and would like to participate onsite, please visit our ONSITE PARTICIPANT registration page. We sincerely welcome the following professionals for participation: venture capital, investors, corporate venture capital (CVC), ICT professionals, press media and other related professionals.


14:30–14:35 Moderator Opening
14:35–14:40 Opening Remarks: CEO of Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA)
14:40–14:45 Opening Remarks: Representative Mr. Patrick Rumlar, Czech Economic and Cultural Office 
14:45–14:55 Keynote: Tech-Startups Soft-landing to Taiwan (Dr. Ping-Hang Fan)
14:55–15:05 Keynote: Great Resources for Tech-Startups to Soft-land in the Czech Republic (Ms. Zuzana Vedralová)
15:05–15:15 Collaborating with ICT Professionals (Dr. Chung Yu Huang )

Czech Startup Pitch-Demo:

1) TAKTIK: Modern and dynamic IT company with a focus on hyperconverged infrastructure, IT security, storage, backup technologies and AI solutions (smart city, smart healthcare etc.). TAKTIK focuses on unique solutions with high added value for customers. TAKTIK is based in Prague, Czech Republic with branches in Slovakia and Hungary.

2) MAINWARE: Industrial SW made by the best engineers eliminating the major problems in modern production, maintenance and service. Machines with MAINWARE produce more, products with MAINWARE last longer.
MAINWARE supports customer’s product in all lifecycle phases from production to aftercare. MAINWARE connect technologies, data and people in an open ecosystem. 

3) Vision Craft: Our solution features advanced object monitoring providing insights into various real life and real time situations. Resource requirements, like network bandwidth and power consumption is absolutely minimal and our solution is deployable anywhere, quickly and economically.

4) Veracity Protocol: Veracity Protocol is building the standard of trust for physical objects in order to prevent counterfeiting, fraud, and manipulation. Our CV/ML solution enables any camera or smartphone to verify a product’s identity, authenticity, and condition by simply taking a photo. Working with products as is, our solution can replace barcodes, RFIDs, and other embedded security elements.


Taiwan Startup Pitch-Demo (4 startups):

1) Brocere: Brocere “Realtime fire/wildfire detection IoT system" can detect smoke and temperature every ten seconds; send alert signal to the user device, community guard and fire station immediately when fire occurs, and guide the user to escape and firefighters to define the fire extinguish strategy.

2) MOOVO: Moovo is founded on a simple idea to offer a smart, green and sustainable alternative for short distance commute in urban cities. We work in close collaboration with local governments, corporations and communities to cultivate the riding culture and improve urban living. The team is made up of highly experienced and passionate individuals who are dedicated in contributing to the success of mobility transformation.

3) Droxo Tech: DROXO Technology originates from the UAV Laboratory of National Chen Kung University, targeting commercial and agriculture drones. We expand UAV-related high-altitude applications, targeting smart city programs and real-time services in high-altitude fields.

4) KiWi New Energy: Our Blockchain-based Smart Inverter empowers the most groundbreaking solar technology at competitive cost. KiWi is flexible to medium & large sized solar power plants, residential rooftop off-grid solar and Mobile solar. KiWi’s future Solar Sharing Platform will easily connect millions of energy prosumers with our smart microgrid projects, enabling people to sell their surplus electricity.

16:00 Online Activity Closing

(Agenda version: 11 Nov)

Please Note:
1. The organizers reserves the rights of admission, registration will undergo internal review.
2. Should you wish to participate onsite, please visit: <<Participate Onsite>>


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