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Hack the Crisis Czech Republic: Ninety-four registered participants in 15 days

Czechs address the issues of social isolation among retirees and remote learning

Hack the Crisis Czech Republic: Ninety-four registered participants in 15 days Source: unsplash

The Hack the Crisis hackathon brings together the most innovative projects with mentors and companies that want to offer their assistance during the crisis. Dozens of interesting initiatives have been registered in the project in the first fifteen days. We can tell you about them!

Early entrants

The registered projects are most frequently aimed at the economic impacts of the crisis (prediction, employment, etc.) and the issues of social isolation and remote communication, and offer ways to address the population en masse.

Ideas pertain to, for example, the social isolation of retirees and possibilities of online communication. Others want to help with starting business and educating children who remain at home.

Some of the registered projects use the latest technologies, such as virtual reality. Another area on which projects are often focused is protection of people (protective materials, nanotextiles) and diagnostics (acceleration of PCT tests, telemedicine).

A mix of firms and individuals from all areas (hardware, software and services) have registered in the hackathon. We are pleased that interesting projects are being added every day.

In which phase are the projects?

Following registration, two-thirds of the projects will advance to the next round and will receive the attention of an angel mentor. The mentor will discuss with the project originator the specific assistance that is needed and provide long-term cooperation in implementation of the project.

Projects will also receive feedback from an expert board. The task of the evaluators (who are representatives of ministries, companies and the academic sphere) is to assess the benefit and viability of the projects from the perspective of the public and private sectors. The expert board will then decide on additional sources of support for the project, such as financial aid.

We have provided information on the course of the hackathon and the most frequently asked questions on our website. Learn more.

Mentors wanted: Join us! 

IT experts, marketing specialists and investors. More than one hundred mentors have already offered us a helping hand and we will gradually introduce them on our website. We are still accepting mentors for the hackathon, especially in the area of medicine

Are you interested in registering in the hackathon and becoming a mentor? Tell us about yourself! 

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