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CzechInvest hosted the Taiwan delegation

CzechInvest hosted the Taiwan delegation

The Czech Republic had the honor of hosting an important delegation from Taiwan, consisting of representatives of several ministries and the Industrial Technology Research Institute. The delegation visited three countries in Europe to explore the local potential for the development of the semiconductor industry.

Taiwan has specialized in the semiconductor industry for the last 50 years and has managed to become the second strongest player in the world. It supplies electronics manufacturers including brands such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, and others. Its success and continuous growth are supported by a long-standing strategy involving the cultivation of talent through international partnerships, technology development, and well-managed technology transfer.

Cooperation with Taiwan could thus bring the Czech Republic the know-how and sharing of best practices for the development of the semiconductor industry, which is now clearly strategic for the whole of Europe.

CzechInvest, in cooperation with partners from research institutes, regional partners, universities, and major technology companies, presented the potential of the Czech electronics industry to the delegation during a three-day visit. In particular, the production and research capacities of companies in the field of electron microscopes, of which a third of the world´s production is made in Brno, as well as companies active in optics or chip design were presented. Rectors and vice-rectors from the three largest Czech technical universities described the current quantity and quality of local technical talent, especially in electrical engineering. The quality of research and technology transfer was then illustrated by representatives of several research institutes. The round tables were followed by a tour of production and laboratories at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Tescan Orsay Holding, and research at CEITEC and hiLase.

The importance of the Czech automotive and space industries, which are significant markets for chip manufacturers, was mentioned several times during the visit.

The Taiwanese delegation was also welcomed by the deputies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Petr Očko and Martina Tauberova, who shared the government's strategy for supporting the semiconductor industry and related sectors. The chip shortage has significantly affected the Czech and global industry, and the Czech Republic, as well as the EU, aims to strengthen self-sufficiency in this sector. By using the tools within the European Chip Act and by creating national support for talent development and investment, the Czech Republic could join the pan-European semiconductor initiative and build on its long-standing industrial tradition and strong technological and research potential.

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