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The world's most creative startup Nebesys will compete in the autumn startup competition at Disraptors Summit 2023 in Prague

The world's most creative startup Nebesys will compete in the autumn startup competition at Disraptors Summit 2023 in Prague

Nebesys, the winner of both the national round organised by CzechInvest and the global finale of the Creative Business Cup 2023, will compete for victory in the international Startup World Cup competition. It will take place during the prestigious Disraptors Summit on Thursday 26 October 2023 at the Vnitroblock premises in Prague. The winner will receive a potential investment of USD 500,000 and advance to the global finals in San Francisco.

Přemysl Kokeš, founder of the startup Nebesys, came up with the idea for the roof system, which is a conventional roof on the outside and transparent on the inside, 12 years ago. The roof was tested for 11 years before being launched commercially last November under the Nebesys brand.

The roof system illuminates the attic with natural light, uses rainwater to cool and wash the surface, hides air conditioning units and reduces urban heat islands. In addition, its exterior cladding is compatible with the surrounding roofscape, as it is indistinguishable from conventional roofs from the outside and can be installed directly onto the roof truss. "It makes sense because it's the real green deal," Zuzana Ambrožová, architect, co-founder and creative director of Nebesys, told CzechInvest's Startup Backstage podcast. "The physical world is a bit of a taboo for startups today. All the other rungs have been taken by various apps and digital platforms. We came up with a concrete physical solution."

Nebesys is now in the process of selling shares and looking for investors. The startup is primarily targeting the European market, but is currently only fulfilling orders in Czechia. The entire technology is patented and Nebesys is ready for mass production. It provides all services from the beginning of the project to its implementation. "If you put our system on the roof, you significantly increase the value of the property itself. The use of an attic is incomparable to that of a conventional roof. The space is given absolute exclusivity and quality," concludes Zuzana Ambrožová.

The partner of this year's Disraptors Summit was the CzechInvest agency's Technology Incubation project, the most ambitious programme of systematic support for startups in Czechia, with a total budget of 680 million CZK. Other startups interested in competing with Nebesys for the title of European Champion can apply for the competition on the Disraptors Summit website.



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