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Czech research and development has a unique web gateway

CzechInvest introduces

Czech research and development has a unique web gateway

CzechInvest launched a unique new website today to support Czech research and development. The agency will use the website to attract additional foreign investors and scientific institutions to the Czech Republic for the purpose of high-tech investments and interesting projects with value added.

Published in the English language, the website at provides comprehensive information about the Czech science and technology environment, the Czech Republic’s outstanding science and research facilities, and possibilities of support for research and development in the country. Foreign parties interested in investing and conducting R&D here will find a range of useful facts and links to other relevant resources.

“The new web portal for Czech research and development will enable better involvement with high-tech investments, which increase the Czech Republic’s competitiveness. Such investments have played a successful role here for several years. Last year, investments in sectors with higher value added comprised more than 30% of the total number of investments. The most recent example is GE Aviation’s project involving the construction of a centre for development, testing and production of turboprop engines in the Czech Republic,” says Karel Kučera, CEO of CzechInvest. “With the new, clearly arranged portal, we will present the Czech Republic to foreign investors as an ideal location for research centres and high-tech investments, while also supporting cooperation with our researchers and promoting their results and the outstanding scientific potential that our organisations have so that they can more easily gain partners from the private sector.”

Part of CzechInvest’s strategy to increase the value added of investments and the technological level of the Czech Republic consists in support for technology transfer in the area of applying space technologies and supporting start-ups at ESA BIC Prague incubator.

CzechInvest has long been involved in support and promotion of cooperation between scientists and the commercial sector through its Research and Development Support Department, which offers consulting services and assistance with seeking out potential scientific and academic partners. The department is also a contact point for cooperation with other actors in the R&D support system and organises events that serve as a platform for establishing international and domestic partnerships between universities, research organisations and the private sector.

“By means of our annual technology missions abroad, we strive to bring new, interesting investment projects to the Czech Republic and establish beneficial technological partnerships with leading universities and research centres. The new website will help us to better present the Czech Republic beyond the country’s borders and to show that we have something to offer in the field of research and development, and that we have achieved a number of successes in many fields,” says Jiří Krechl, head of the Research and Development Support Department at CzechInvest.

The new website at is another specialised communication channel with which CzechInvest is reaching out to interested parties abroad for the purposes of attracting investments with high value added to the Czech Republic. Since September this year, the portal has served as a single source of comprehensive information on the Czech start-up environment and its potential for investors. 

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