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Austrian plant seeks suppliers among Czech firms

The plant intends to manufacture a new type of electric-vehicle batteries using Czech components

Austrian plant seeks suppliers among Czech firms

·                     CzechInvest is holding a supplier forum for Samsung SDI Battery systems in Graz, Austria

·                     Eighteen Czech firms are offering their products and technologies at the forum

Prague, 9 February 2017:

CzechInvest is holding a supplier forum for Samsung SDI Battery Systems today in Graz, Austria, where 18 Czech companies including KOVOLIT, TESLA Jihlava, KOVOLIS HEDVIKOV, ČZ, Linaset, LAKUM – KTL and EBAS, among others, are presenting their products and technologies. CzechInvest pre-selected the companies from its sectoral database of suppliers, which the agency has administered since 2002.

“An important objective of ours is to involve our firms in supplying new products. A key role in this is played by our database of suppliers, thanks to which we have an overview of Czech firms and we can mediate interesting cooperation with major investors for them. Investors in turn value the quality of our suppliers and our services, which strengthens our relations and the Czech Republic’s stature in the development of further supplier relationships and investments,” says Karel Kučera, CEO of CzechInvest.

In 2016, CzechInvest’s Supplier Development Department formulated 107 offers of Czech suppliers for 47 clients from 17 countries. The potential value of contracts in the next five years could reach as high as CZK 10 billion. The largest number of enquiries come from companies from Japan, China, Great Britain, the United States and Canada, while the largest number of projects are focused on the automotive and electronics/electrical-engineering sectors. The most sought-after firms are in the mechanical-engineering and plastics sectors. The supplier database currently contains more than 3,400 Czech firms. More information is available at


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