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GE Aviation and CTU sign agreement on cooperation

The university plans to annually turn out roughly 50 graduates in aerospace field

GE Aviation and CTU sign agreement on cooperation

GE Aviation has signed an agreement on cooperation with the Czech Technical University (CTU). Representatives of the company and of the university announced the signing at a press conference held in Prague on Wednesday, 13 February 2018. The two partners intend to advance the Czech Republic to the forefront of the aerospace industry. Thanks to the combination of GE’s special software and CTU’s technical know-how, students will be able to conduct real-time processing of terabytes of data from the operation and testing of turboprop engines and to compare that data with a theoretical model. CTU will thus become the first university in Europe with which GE is engaged in such close cooperation.

This cooperation will also enable CTU to strengthen its position in the area of Industry 4.0 and to enhance its capacity for experimentation. Using GE’s unique Predix software, the university will be able to better evaluate the collected findings. GE aviation will provide training and the necessary knowledge associated with the design and digital modelling of turboprop engines. Students will gather big data, analysis of which will make it possible to determine the correct method of engine maintenance and optimisation of operating costs. Students will subsequently develop a digital system for monitoring engine operation.

At the same time, the university is opening a new study programme focused on aerospace in which it intends to annually turn out roughly 50 graduates. The programme will include high-tech aerospace findings resulting from the university’s cooperation with GE Aviation. 

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