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Six Czech firms to attend CES Las Vegas 2018 trade fair

Four of the firms are attending the event with support from CzechInvest’s CzechDemo project

Six Czech firms to attend CES Las Vegas 2018 trade fair
  • CES will be held in Las Vegas from 9 to 12 January 2018
  • The CzechDemo project is supporting four start-ups: Sentry company, ApuTime, Six Guys Labs and Oscar Senior
  • All of the Czech firms will have facilities in the Czech pavilion in Eureka Park

A selected quartet of Czech start-ups that succeeded in the evaluation phase of CzechInvest’s CzechDemo project will attend the prestigious four-day CES 2018 conference in Las Vegas, where they will gain contacts and opportunities. The companies presenting their projects at the event are Oscar Senior, Six Guys Labs, Sentry company and ApuTime. Through its CzechDemo project, CzechInvest will pay half of the cost of airline tickets for the firms, as well as three-fourths of participation fess and the full amount for mentoring and translations of necessary marketing materials. Other Czech start-ups, such as 2Realistic and HE3DA are also heading to Las Vegas, though without financial support from CzechInvest.

“CES 2018 is an ideal opportunity for Czech start-up companies to have a look into the world of the latest technologies. Thanks to this event, they can present their products alongside major players and thus attract the attention of potential partners, customers and investors. The conference is annually attended by more than 165,000 visitors from 150 countries around the world. Last year, when four start-ups exhibited here also with our support, more than 250,000 people came to CES,” says Markéta Havlová, head of the Start-Ups Department at CzechInvest. “This year, the selected firms will have their facilities in the Czech Pavilion in Eureka Park.”

In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CzechInvest has also organised an auxiliary programme for the start-ups, which will meet informally with representatives of the state of Nevada and the local business community. The purpose of the meetings is to share experience with operating on the American market, gain new contacts and present the Czech start-ups to the expert public.

The Brno-based firm Oscar Senior will participate in the conference with its technology of the same name, which offers entertainment and connectivity for senior citizens. Via text, video, calling and problem-free sharing of photographs, the technology gives the specific age group the possibility to stay in contact with family and friends. The Plzeň-based company Six Guys Labs will present its special trackers that map dogs’ and cats’ activity, rest and food intake. The collected data are sent to an application for evaluation. The app then alerts the owner to fundamental changes in the pet’s behaviour, prepares a training plan and recommends an increase or decrease of food and water intake.

Sentry company of Jablonec is taking to CES its multi-functional designer photo frame, which automatically displays selected photographs and videos. The Ostrava-based firm ApuTime will exhibit a web application for managing projects enhanced with emotion, visualisation and game elements. Its objective is to achieve a perfect data model so that no customer can make repeated errors in processes in connection with their projects.

With a history dating back fifty years, CES is a global event focused on new development and innovations in consumer technologies. During the trade fair, firms can present their products on the exhibition floor, meet with potential partners and gain inspiration from the latest trends in various fields. The event also includes the CES 2018 Innovation Awards competition, which annually recognises extraordinary product design and preparation in the area of consumer technologies. CzechInvest is supporting the attendance of Czech firms at CES for the second time this year, having previously done so in 2017.

The CzechDemo project is being implemented within the Marketing Programme, Priority Axis 2 – Development of Business and Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, of the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness.

Contact to CzechInvest:
Petra Menclová
+420 296 342 430

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