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Czech company develops reusable ventless FFP3 respirator

The respirator’s nanofibres capture 99.9% of viruses

Czech company develops reusable ventless FFP3 respirator Source: PARDAM NANO4FIBERS

The company PARDAM NANO4FIBERS has succeeded in developing the first reusable nanofibre respirator that fulfils the criteria of the highest FFP3 protection class and is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

“We had been working since spring on full certification of a respirator that would fulfil the parameters of the highest protection class, FFP3. I’m glad that after several months of development and testing, we are the first in the Czech Republic to receive certification of a nanofibre respirator, which is a globally unique product,” says Jan Buk, director of Pardam.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade supported production of the respirators through the Czech Rise Up research programme implemented in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to this programme, the company improved its production processes and increased its production capacity to the current level of 800,000 respirators per month.

The BreaSAFE® CLASSIC FFP3 respirator contains a special nanofibre ensuring a high virus capture rate. Thanks to the breathability of the material, it does not have breathing vents, which are a typical feature of FFP3 respirators. Its nanomembrane increases resistance to moisture and, with proper care, can be used for a period of several days.
The effectiveness of nanofibre respirators has been confirmed through measuring done by the US-based global testing laboratory NELSON LABS, according to which the BreaSAFE® CLASSIC FFP3 respirator captures 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Concurrently with certification of the nanofibre respirators, the FFP2 BreaSAFE® COMMUNITY MASK also received certification.

Pardam is a member of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association, which brings together Czech companies operating in a diverse range of sectors, including the textile industry, biotechnology, environmental applications, optics and energy, whose key subject of business is nanotechnology. CzechInvest helped to establish the association in 2014.

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