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CzechInvest presenting at SEMICON West 2006

With its tradition in the semiconductor industry dating back to the 1960s, an existing fab in operation that is ranked among the best plants of an international semiconductor company and one of the largest individual IC design groups in the CEEregion, the Czech Republic rightfully belongs among the participants in this year‘s SEMICON West trade fair. Taking place from July 10th to 14th in San Francisco, Semicon West is focused on the area of semiconductor equipment and materials. It is here that CzechInvest is presenting the semiconductor sector and its potential in the Czech Republic.

CzechInvest presenting at SEMICON West 2006

“The semiconductor industry in the CR features a range of advantages. In addition to its long tradition supported by experience and the high percentage of the labor force with technical education, our priorities also include the production and development activities of Czech companies, which are surpassing neighboring countries in the field of microelectronics,” says Radomil Novak, Director, U.S. Operations-West and Adviser to the CEO, CzechInvest, adding: “In the international context, The Czech Republic is unquestionably ranks at the top.”

The country’s general advantages are also attractive for investors. Among these are the Czech Republic’s strategic position in the center of Europe and the country’s dynamically developing infrastructure, the pace of which surpasses all other states in Central Europe.

In addition to CzechInvest representatives, companies such as SVCS, CEDO and UNIS are presenting this sector at Semicon West. ChipInvest, a joint project of CzechInvest and leading world companies from the microelectronics sector, is part of the Czech presentation. “Our Center of Excellence goes beyond typical incubators by providing a formal network for training and cultivating talent for the international microelectronics industry. It’s like placing a magnet in an electric field. We are directing knowledge-flow to one place— the Czech Republic. As a result, multinational organizations and small and medium-sized businesses worldwide now have an unparalleled resource,” says Radomil Novak, explaining the principle behind ChipInvest.

Among the global firms operating in the microelectronics field and which have already established production and R&D operations in the Czech Republic are, for example, AMI Semiconductor, Freescale Semiconductors, ON Semiconductor, S3 – Silicon & Software Systems, ST Microelectronics and UNITES, s. r. o.


... those companies that have already taken advantage of the opportunity to invest in the Czech Republic:

AMI Semiconductor
An American company operating in the area of design and production of world-class integrated circuits, AMI Semiconductor has been active in the CR since 1998, when it opened its design center in the South Moravia region.

Freescale Semiconductors
This firm specializes in integrated semiconductors for wireless and network systems. Production is concentrated on chips intended for, e.g., the automotive industry and progressive types of mobile telephones.

ON Semiconductor
A leading supplier of silicon slabs and monocrystals for the semiconductor industry, ON Semiconductor operates a development and production center in the Czech Republic. Employing 300 specialized engineers, this center is focused on the area of wireless and network applications.

S3 – Silicon & Software Systems
This Irish company is engaged in microelectronic design, specifically the design of chips and microchips used in telecommunications manufacturing. Its entire production output from its Prague branch is delivered to customers from Western Europe.

ST Microelectronics
A leading producer of semiconductor materials and microelectronic components, ST Microelectronics also has a development center in Prague.

UNITES, s. r. o.
A company focused on the production of equipment for testing semiconductor components.

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