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The Triangle industrial zone’s first investors

The Triangle industrial zone’s first investors are making themselves at home.

The Triangle industrial zone’s first investors

IPS Alpha, a Japanese flat-screen television manufacturer produced its first Czech-made LCD monitor at this zone in Zatec on Monday.

Represenatives of CzechInvest and the Usti region ceremoniously opened the zone on Friday. With its 364 hectares, Triangle is one of the Czech Republic’s three strategic industrial zones and at the same time is also one of the country’s largest brownfield regeneration projects in the country.

“The Triangle zone is located on the site of a former military airfield and represents one the most elegant ways to revive abandoned sites,” explains Roman Cermak, CEO of CzechInvest. “Thanks to the efforts of the state and local authorities, this once damaged area will provide jobs for thousands of people.”

The conversion of the airport began in 2002.“The first phase involved demolition of unneeded buildings and decontamination of the soil and groundwater. In September 2006, construction began on the utilities network and basic transport infrastructure,” says Jiri Sulc, governor of the Usti region. Construction of the utilities network and roads should be completed as early as next year.

In addition to IPS Alpha, another Japanese manufacturer of LCD displays, Hitachi, is setting up shop in the Triangle zone. IPS Alpha is gradually investing over CZK 2.6 billion and will eventually employ 2,000 people. “We currently have 500 employees; by the end of the year, that number will grow o 1,500,” adds the company’s president, Fumiaki Yonai. Hitachi is spending CZK 2.5 billion on its expansion and plans to employ 2,000 peopl. Production should begin this year.

The Usti region has long suffered from high unemployment, which reached 12.1% in May with 52,413 unemployed jobseekers.

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