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Zodiac Galleys Europe is thriving

The company is planning to build a new production facility at Borská pole in Plzeň

Zodiac Galleys Europe is thriving

Based at Borská pole in Plzeň, Zodiac Galleys Europe s.r.o. manufactures aircraft galleys and is the exclusive supplier for Airbus A320 airliners. In June this year, the company announced the production of the its one thousandth unit. Due to a large amount of orders, it is planning to expand its activities next year and the ever expanding design department will thus be provided with premises in the new production facility.

The company will also add more than 200 workers to its existing staff of nearly one thousand employees. Over the next five years, Zodiac Galleys Europe plans to manufacture more than 3,000 galley sets for Airbus aircraft.

CzechInvest has long been providing assistance with the development of the French firm Zodiac Aerospace’s branch in the Czech Republic.

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