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Government raises quota for employing Ukrainian workers

In November, the quota will be increased to forty thousand applications per year

Government raises quota for employing Ukrainian workers Source: Shutterstock

At its session in June 2019, the government decided to double the number of Ukrainian workers with employee cards who can be employed by Czech companies. The annual quota of the system for employing qualified workers from Ukraine (the so-called Ukraine System) will thus rise in November 2019 from the current 19,600 applications to 40,000 applications.

In connection with this amendment, government programmes replacing the existing economic migration projects intended for highly qualified workers will be established. The government will approve these new programmes at a meeting at the end of August 2019. In future, the Czech Republic should thus be open to not only workers from Ukraine, Serbia, Mongolia and the Philippines, but newly also from countries such as Belarus, Montenegro, Moldova, Kazakhstan and India.

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