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Silvana Jirotková named new CEO of CzechInvest

Minister of Industry and Trade Tomáš Hüner appointed her to the position

Silvana Jirotková named new CEO of CzechInvest

Minister of Industry and Trade Tomáš Hüner recently introduced to CzechInvest’s employees Silvana Jirotková as the agency’s new CEO.

“After an extended period, the CEO of CzechInvest was chosen in an open and transparent selection process. Silvana Jirotková succeeded among more than twenty candidates. I now expect fulfilment of her vision in practice. CzechInvest must review its activities and focus especially on the entry of investors with projects with high value added,” says Minister of Industry and Trade Tomáš Hüner.

“In the first weeks, I will focus mainly on communication within the agency and the formulation of a new strategy,” says new CzechInvest CEO Silvana Jirotková. With respect to the further course of the agency, she adds: “Despite the favourable condition of the Czech economy, it is clear that we cannot give up on attracting foreign investments; the economic situation can change rapidly. A current key element is support for high-tech projects connected with Industry 4.0. Over its twenty-five years in existence, CzechInvest has gained unique professional know-how and is thus able to meet the needs of foreign investors and domestic companies, including start-ups.”

Silvana Jirotková is a graduate of the School of Business Administration at Silesian University in Opava. She has worked for CzechInvest since 2002. She initially served as a regional manager focused on development of industrial properties and regeneration of brownfields in the Moravia-Silesia region and later as head of the Regional Support Department. She worked in the private sector in 2007-2008, specifically for the Belgian company PSR Brownfield Developers. She returned to CzechInvest in 2014 in the position of head of the Regions Division and later served as the director of the Department of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Internal Projects. In addition to her native Czech, Silvana Jirotková speaks English and French. She is married and has three children. Her hobbies include travel, gastronomy, literature, cycling and skiing. In her position as CEO of CzechInvest, Silvana Jirotková replaces Karel Kučera, who had headed the agency since autumn 2014.

CzechInvest was established on 1 November 1992. It is a state contributory organisation subordinate to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. CzechInvest arranges both domestic and foreign investments in the Czech Republic in the areas of manufacturing, business support services and technology centres. The agency supports small and medium-sized enterprises and innovative start-ups, business infrastructure and innovation. CzechInvest also promotes the Czech Republic abroad as a suitable destination for investments. It is the exclusive organisation that may submit applications for investment incentives to the governing bodies. CzechInvest supports Czech firms that are interested in becoming involved in the supply chains of multinational companies. Through its services and development programmes, CzechInvest contributes to the development of domestic firms, Czech and foreign investors and the overall business environment.

 CEOs of CzechInvest

Name Period Minister of Industry and Trade at that time
Josef Lébl (charged with establishment
and management of the agency
1. 11. 1992 - 31. 3. 1993 Vladimír Dlouhý
Jan Ámos Havelka 1. 4. 1993 - 30. 9. 1999 Vladimír Dlouhý, Karel Kühnl, Miroslav Grégr
Hana Chlebná (acting CEO) 1. 10. 1999 - 31. 10. 1999 Miroslav Grégr
Martin Jahn 1. 11. 1999 - 4. 8. 2004 Miroslav Grégr, Jiří Rusnok
Radomil Novák 5. 8. 2004 - 30. 11. 2005 Milan Urban
Tomáš Hruda 1. 12. 2005 - 1. 4. 2007 Milan Urban, Martin Říman
Roman Čermák 2. 4. 2007 - 31. 10. 2007 Martin Říman
Alexandra Rudyšarová (acting CEO) 1. 11. 2007 - 31. 8. 2010 Martin Říman, Vladimír Tošovský, Martin Kocourek
Miroslav Křížek 1. 9. 2010 - 13. 8. 2012 Martin Kocourek, Martin Kuba
Petr Očko (acting CEO) 13. 8. 2012 - 8. 8. 2013 Martin Kuba
Marian Piecha 9. 8. 2013 - 5. 2. 2014 Jiří Cienciala
Ondřej Votruba (acting CEO) 6. 2. 2014 - 21. 10. 2014 Jan Mládek
Karel Kučera 21. 10. 2014 - 9. 1. 2018 Jan Mládek, Jiří Havlíček, Tomáš Hüner
Jan Urban (acting CEO) 9. 1. 2018 - 26. 3. 2018 Tomáš Hüner
Silvana Jirotková appointed 26. 3. 2018 Tomáš Hüner
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