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Embraer seeking partners in the Czech Republic

Representatives of the Brazilian company met with forty Czech firms in February 2019 to discuss possible cooperation

Embraer seeking partners in the Czech Republic Source: CzechInvest

The Brazilian company Embraer, the world’s fourth-biggest aircraft manufacturer, is seeking suppliers in the Czech Republic. Representatives of the company visited the Czech Republic from 12 to 14 February 2019 in order to personally meet with forty domestic potential business partners and suppliers. The programme of the visit was organised by the London branch of CzechTrade in cooperation with CzechInvest, the Ministry of Industry and trade and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London.

“We know that Embraer has a desire to cooperate with Czech companies, as its representatives had previously visited the Czech Republic and met individually with firms such as Mesit and ERA. The discussions that we mediated can help them to focus on specific cooperation with selected suppliers,” say Martin Macourek, head of CzechTrade’s foreign office in London.

Embraer has longstanding positive experience with the Czech company Aero Vodochody, which is a strategic supplier of wing, rear-fuselage and door components for the KC-390 military transport plane, and is now seeking additional partners, primarily suppliers and R&D firms whose products it intends to incorporate into its aircraft. Furthermore, Embraer has a very broad portfolio, as it manufactures not only complete aircraft, but also components and systems.

“Embraer’s interest is evidence of the Czech aviation industry’s strong reputation in the world. That involves not only component manufacturers, but also high-quality R&D facilities and technical innovations in this field that even Czech start-ups are coming up with,” says Silvana Jirotková.

“We have been in contact with Embraer since 2007. Closer cooperation with Czech partners is simply the next logical step. Innovative Czech firms are coming up with unique processes and products and are among the few suppliers in the world that can offer Embraer such technologies,” adds Erik Bolebruch, aerospace sector manager at CzechInvest.

For Czech firms, the meetings with Embraer’s representatives were an extraordinary opportunity to become part of the Brazilian firm’s supply chain and gain the most significant orders in their history, which could in turn lead to the possibility of cooperation with other major aerospace firms such as Boeing, for example. The opportunity to become a supplier of Embraer is open not only to firms that took part in the event in February, but also to those that are registered in the database of potential Embraer suppliers.

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