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Czech Network combines innovations with communication technologies helping in the fight against COVID-19

The platform was launched with a benefit concert on 28 March 2020

Czech Network combines innovations with communication technologies helping in the fight against COVID-19 Source:

The Spojujeme Česko (Czech Network) platform was created as a tool to help combat the coronavirus pandemic. It was developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and CzechInvest in cooperation with other ministries, the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, CzechTrade and other entities. The project combines innovations and modern information and communication technologies. Activities carried out on the platform include, for example, Data proti COVID, thanks to which CZK 10 million was collected among people for respiratory ventilators.

The Czech Network platform was officially launched on 28 March 2020 with the We’re Helping with the Czech Philharmonic benefit concert, which was broadcast live from the Rudolfinum in Prague by ČT Art and streamed by Český rozhlas.

The newly launched platform is in operation thanks to collaboration between the government, scientists, universities, communities and the private sector. It is operationally based on the current needs of society, which are gradually changing due to the necessary measures implemented in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Technologies are gaining importance at this time and demand for them is rising sharply. Those who want and are able to help are striving to make maximum use of them.

Examples of technologies, services and platforms currently connected with the Czech Network project:

  • and Anežka chatbot – a special website of the Ministry of Health focused on the coronavirus and featuring the nurse Anežka, a chatbot that provides advice particularly on matters connected with the coronavirus.
  • and chatbot – a portal for businesses and sole proprietors managed by CzechTrade. Among other things, the portal provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • CoVpoint website operated by CzechInvest where companies’ supply and demand in connection with protective equipment and more can be found in one place.
  • Chráním Tebe – a project by means of which celebrities explain why it is important to wear a mask.
  • Microsoft Teams – technology for employees’ online communication.
  • Nationwide information line 1212 – the purpose of this line is not only to unify the crisis communication of all departments, but also to reduce the strain on the 112 and 155 emergency lines.
  • Digital/interactive card – a card to be downloaded to the user’s telephone on which all key information pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic in the Czech Republic is continuously updated. 
  • Data proti COVID – activity of Czech technology companies and IT enthusiasts through which CZK 10 million was collected among people for respiratory ventilators.
  • – platform that enables fast and easy establishment of an online grocery store. It is based on technology provided by the company
  • Záchranka mobile application – a red emergency button that can be installed on a smartphone. The user enters his/her personal data and can call an ambulance or mountain rescue service in the event of an emergency.
  • sBazar.cza special marketplace-type website through which people can help each other with, for example, childminding, sewing face masks, grocery delivery, etc.
  • Pomoc sousedůma project that enables volunteers to assist seniors with, for example, shopping and staying informed.
  • Dáme roušky – interactive map on which people offering cloth, people sewing masks and people who need masks can find and connect with each other. 

More entities are gradually getting involved in the Czech Network platform. For example, connection with an overview of projects within Czech Rise Up, technology transfer and COVID-19 indicative testing, among other things, are currently being prepared.

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