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Government tightens conditions for cross-border contact with Austria and Germany

The restrictions will primarily affect commuters

Government tightens conditions for cross-border contact with Austria and Germany Source: Adobe Stock

With effect from 26 March 2020, the government is restricting cross-border contact with Austria and Germany. Workers who have employers in those countries can travel there, though they must remain on the territory of the given country for a period of at least 21 days. If they decide to return afterwards, they shall be obligated to submit to a two-week quarantine period. However, no limits are placed on the distance travelled from the national border for the purpose of work. The same rules apply for cross-border workers coming to the Czech Republic from Austria and Germany.

The 21-day stay and 14-day quarantine do not apply to workers in the fields of healthcare, social services and the integrated rescue system. Children of cross-border workers who are subject to the obligation to work in at least 21-day intervals can accompany their parents across the border.

Previously adopted exemptions continue to apply for cross-border contact with Poland and Slovakia. This must involve regular employment at a distance of up to one hundred kilometres from the national border with crossing of the border at least three times per week.

All cross-border workers must have the following documents:

  • confirmation for cross-border workers,
  • cross-border worker’s logbook (for commuters to/from Germany and Austria, the Police of the Czech Republic will keep an electronic logbook in which it will check compliance with the 21-day interval).

Furthermore, commuters will undergo a body-temperature check upon crossing the border.

Commuters may not:

  • travel for the purpose of visiting family or close persons,
  • procure necessities or services for another person,
  • travel for the purpose of official matters,
  • be present in nature areas or parks.

Detailed information on the restrictions and exemptions for commuters are regularly updated on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

A transparent list of current restrictions is available on the website of the Government of the Czech Republic.
If you have any questions regarding restrictions on crossing the national border or exemptions, you can also contact CzechInvest by e-mail at

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