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CzechInvest and partners launch the platform for employing Ukrainian workers

The website serves for providing reliable job offers

CzechInvest and partners launch the platform for employing Ukrainian workers

Due to the strong interest in employment expressed by Ukrainians fleeing the war and coming to the Czech Republic, CzechInvest and its partners have established the platform. The platform can be used by verified Czech employers that are seeking employees and Ukrainian workers can use the website to search for the most suitable job opportunities. All job advertisements are available in both the Czech and Ukrainian languages.
The reliability of employers is guaranteed by CzechInvest and the partners of the platform. Only long-term and verified clients of CzechInvest and members of partner organisations such as the Czech Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic, the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic, the Association of Local Governments of the Czech Republic, the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants, the Federation of the Food and Drink Industries and the Association of Private Agriculture can place job advertisements on the platform.

Verified job offers

 Verification of whether companies are members of any of the above-mentioned organisations is carried out on the basis of submission of their identification number when placing an advertisement.
“I am very pleased that this central website has been created and I strongly request that all reliable employers concentrate all of their offers on it. This will make it possible to clearly see that all of the people from Ukraine who want to sooner or later stand on their own feet sooner can get a good job in their new home. We want everyone from Ukraine to feel safe with us and to know that they are welcome here,” says Tomáš Prouza, president of the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism and vice-president of the Czech Chamber of Commerce.
“Hoteliers and restaurant operators have been helping families fleeing Ukraine since the end of February, both materially and by providing accommodation. We are pleased that we could also be part of this project of CzechInvest. We believe that the offer of work and the possibility of earning money also constitute an opportunity for refugees to get back to a relatively normal way of life. Furthermore, we already have very good mutual experience with workers from Ukraine in the travel industry and we are glad to make use of their skills and qualifications,” says Václav Stárek, president of the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants.
Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela also highlights the importance of clarifying job offers for both Ukrainian workers and Czech employers: “The Ministry of Industry and Trade has long been monitoring the needs of Czech companies in connection with the war in Ukraine. It is apparent they are interested in employing workers from third countries, while people fleeing to the Czech Republic from Russian aggression are very interested in working. The platform will help both sides.”

Clearly arranged platform in the Ukrainian language

There are currently more than two hundred job offers from all areas of the Czech Republic listed on the platform, which was built pro bono by Nula Advisory, and more are constantly being added. In order to help jobseekers from Ukraine to navigate the website as well as possible, it has been translated into Ukrainian and enables them to easily filter job offers by category and region.
The website also provides answers to the most frequently asked questions. Ukrainian jobseekers will find, for example, information on how to proceed if they do not have a visa and want to work in the Czech Republic and on the conditions of working here. There is also information related to free medical care and school attendance. The website is constantly being updated and within a few days visitors will be able to find information in both languages about the Lex Ukraine laws, for example.
In addition to the website of the Ministry of the Interior and the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the project also involves the website of the Consortium of Non-Governmental Organisations.
The purpose of involving other organisations offering support is to clearly guide visitors to other forms of assistance. “We have been contacted by a number of initiatives and employers enquiring whether job offers could be placed on Because we do not have the capacity to verify such offers, we cannot provide this service. We will gladly link to reliable and verified job offers on the platform. We see the prevention of labour exploitation and elimination of the grey economy as fundamental tasks associated with the integration of refugees from Ukraine,” says Andrea Krchová, Director of the Consortium of Non-Governmental Organisations.

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