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HR specialists from the Karlovy Vary region address the issue of how to match employees to their positions

Meetings of HR specialists in Karlovy Vary have received a positive response.


In connection with Investment Week, nearly twenty HR specialists from the Karlovy Vary region met to discuss competency models as tools of success. The meeting took place on Tuesday, 26 May 2015, at the Dvorana Education Centre in Karlovy Vary.

Representatives of employers from the region came to speak to specialists from Advantage Consulting s.r.o., ept connector s.r.o. and Abydos s.r.o. The debate was mainly focused on how to place the right employee in the right position and featured examples of employee training in practice.

CzechInvest’s Karlovy Vary regional office initiated regular meetings of HR specialists just this year. The Karlovy Vary Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Karlovy Vary Business Development Agency are also involved in organising the meetings.

The first event of this kind, which took place in January, was received very positively. At least two more meetings of HR specialists will be held in Karlovy Vary in 2015.