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CzechInvest expands its foreign network with an office in Taiwan

CzechInvest expands its foreign network with an office in Taiwan Source: Adobe

CzechInvest has announced the opening of its foreign office in Taiwan with the purpose of supporting cooperation between the island and Czechia. This is CzechInvest’s third Asian office, which will bolster the agency’s activities in the region.

“The opening of CzechInvest’s foreign office in Taiwan is an important step toward strengthening mutual trade relations and the technological development of Czech companies. We have strong potential for cooperation particularly in the area of semiconductors, which have a broad range of uses in the automotive industry, industrial applications, the energy sector and automation. Their use in the automotive industry is essential for the transformation of that sector in Czechia, though there is also potential here for the development of other key sectors,” says Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela, who also states that projects focused on research and education are now emerging in the area of chips. “The new office in Taipei will further support such projects, put companies in contact with universities and provide them with all services and information needed for successful investments,” Minister Síkela adds.

“This step represents the logical outcome of our successful activities to date in the area of technological cooperation. Taiwan is a global leader in the production of the most advanced chips and we see tremendous potential for synergies between Czech and Taiwanese companies, especially in the area of innovation and research,” says Jan Michal, CEO of CzechInvest, adding: “The aim of the new office in Taiwan consists in actively promoting Czechia, addressing potential investors in high-tech sectors and, of no less importance, establishing cooperation with the local scientific and investment communities. Another important aspect is assistance for Czech startups that want to find partners for their development in Taiwan.”

Cooperation between Czechia and Taiwan is gaining significance also in the context of rising demand for experts and the need to ensure effective transfer of know-how, support cooperation between companies and universities and to take advantage of opportunities to become involved in new supply chains.

“Taiwan is unique in the world in terms of technology, and not just in the field of semiconductors, where a unique opportunity is opening up for the Czech economy. Taiwan may also be very interesting for Czech hardware manufacturers. We definitely have something to offer, as we are also strong in software development, particularly in AI, and our role is to raise awareness of Czechia with respect to that. Our presence in Taiwan will further facilitate connections between innovative Czech and Taiwanese companies and institutions, which will lead to mutual enrichment and further techno-economic development,” says Matouš Kostlivý, CzechInvest’s representative in Taipei.

Together with the Czech Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, CzechInvest will support Czech innovations and technologies, as well as specific companies and institutions at a full range of events. In 2024, the Czech flag will be seen at various trade fairs including CYBERSEC, the Meet Taipei event for startups and the very important Semicon Taiwan 2024. CzechInvest will organise several investment seminars and an incoming mission of Taiwanese investors, companies and scientists to Czechia. The agency will also actively support and coordinate cooperation between Czech and Taiwanese partners. The opening of the new foreign office will thus be a benefit and an opportunity for both parties.

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