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Czech is Nano introduced in the United States

Czech nanotechnology companies presented this exciting industry to US partners

Czech is Nano introduced in the United States

In cooperation with the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in New York, CzechInvest brought some of leading Czech nanotechnological companies and clusters to the United States and held two seminars at the Bohemian National Hall in New York City and in Boston.

Participating Czech organizations included Ceitec, Contipro, IQ Structures, Nafigate, NanoSpace and cluster Nanoprogress. CzechInvest presented the Czech Republic as an ideal investment destination and the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association explained why “Czech is Nano”, as a part of its global campaign.

During the last week of October the Czech delegation had a chance to visit unique US organizations including the Advanced Science Research Center of the City University of New York and Boston University, where the members of the delegation also had an opportunity to meet Igor Lukeš, who is a professor there and also serves as the Czech honorary consul in Boston. The Czech nanotechnology group also visited the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is currently building a new facility for the MIT.nano project.

The week brought a lot of new topics that will be further discussed and may lead to strengthening of the cooperation between the Czech Republic and the United States in this promising field.

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