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Invensys APV to employ dozens of university-educated technicians in Brno

Designing a complete brewery or dairy, for example, will be the work of more than 100 specialists whom Invensys APV will employ in the South Moravia region. The company today opened its new development centre in Brno, which will employ 120 specialists, mostly with university degrees in technical fields.

Invensys APV to employ dozens of university-educated technicians in Brno

Invensys APV collaborated with CzechInvest on the development of the technology centre. “Invensys APV is among the most important companies in its field. We are therefore pleased that the firm chose the Czech Republic for its new development centre,” says Eva Kupsová, director of CzechInvest’s South Moravia regional office. “Invensys APV chose the Czech Republic and the city of Brno due to the abundance of talented specialists here. This is confirmed by the fact that, according to its plans, the company needs university-educated employees for at least a hundred of the 120 jobs created in connection with the centre.”

Invensys APV is one of the world’s most import companies engaged in delivering engineering technologies and equipment for the dairy, beverage-production, brewing, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. The company provides complete process systems, engineering, and control and software products precisely according to customers’ requirements. The Brno centre will also focus on these areas.

Since January 2007, when only 19 people worked for APV Invensys in Brno, the company has expanded and now employs 56 people with plans to hire another 60 – mostly mechanical engineers – by the end of 2008. The company has also begun to collaborate with the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry and the Brno University of Technology. The aim of this collaboration is not only to acquire talented graduates; Invensys APV plans to cooperate with these universities primarily in the area of research and development.


For more information please contact CzechInvest's Public Relations Department.

More about Invensys APV:

Invensys Plc is based in the United Kingdom and is registered on the London stock exchange. The company was established through a merger of the Siebe group and BTR in 1999. Invensys comprises a group of companies which deliver products and solutions for managing industrial processes, from nuclear power plants and railway networks to household appliances and energy-efficient systems for homes. Invensys currently employs more than 27,000 people in over 60 countries around the world.

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