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MANN+HUMMEL opens technology centre in Brno

MANN+HUMMEL has opened a new development and design office in the Technology Park in Brno. Intended for the development of automotive filtration technology, the centre is the company’s first such facility in Central and Eastern Europe.

MANN+HUMMEL opens technology centre in Brno

“MANN+HUMMEL is yet another from a range of companies that initially invested in manufacturing operations in the Czech Republic and later added their own development capacities,” says Eva Kupsová, director of CzechInvest’s South Moravia office. “By 2010, MANN+HUMMEL Service s.r.o. will employ approximately 70 people, half of them in the development centre, where primarily specialists with technical education will find employment.”

The development centre in Brno is MANN+HUMMEL’s sixth facility of its kind in Europe and eleventh in the world. It was established due to the need to enhance the technical background of the company’s manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic and to generally increase MANN+HUMMEL’s development capacity. The centre will employ specialists to design and develop automotive filtration technologies using the currently available CAD/CAE techniques. The company anticipates that the number of newly created jobs will increase every year.

MANN+HUMMEL’s development centre will closely cooperate with university students earning degrees in technical fields. The company offers such students a sophisticated system of cooperation comprising professional experience, seminars, diploma and dissertation projects and the possibility to receive a company stipend. An adaptive and development programme of preparation for their future employment also includes an internship at one or more of the company’s global development centres. The Brno office is further planning close cooperation on research projects within the academic and research programme of the local Technical University. Specialists from MANN+HUMMEL will also offer lectures on topics concerning filtration, designing plastic and aluminium parts, methodological modelling and manufacturing technologies.

At 10.00 a.m. the company’s executive director, Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Meyer, delivered his opening remarks, presenting MANN+HUMMEL and its branches in the Czech Republic. Ing. Ondřej Vyroubal, director of development, then familiarised the guests with the company’s portfolio of current and future products in the area of automotive filtration technology. This was followed by a press conference for journalists and representatives of selected universities, the state administration and companies headquartered in the Technology Park.

The meeting concluded with an informal discussion during which all questions from the guests were answered.

On 28-29 November 2007, the office of the development centre in Brno will be opened to the professional public, professors and students of technical and economic fields and everyone interested in employment at MANN+HUMMEL.


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About MANN+HUMMEL Czech Republic

MANN+HUMMEL operates two branches in the Czech Republic, in Nová Ves in the Třebíč region and in Brno. In Nová Ves the company produces fluid filters for the automotive industry, air filters for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries and its own brand of filter inserts for the replacement-parts market. MANN+HUMMEL operates a design and development office in Brno. The company’s own MANN-FILTER brand is the strongest foreign brand of filters in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In Nová Ves MANN+HUMMEL produces approximately 18 million filters annually and ensures the distribution of MANN-FILTER products on regional markets. MANN+HUMMEL employs roughly 800 people in the Czech Republic. More information about the company is available at

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