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The future of VR/AR/Metaverse, what lies ahead?

The future of VR/AR/Metaverse, what lies ahead?

On the eve of EGX London 2022, a conference was held at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London on the topic of the future of virtual and augmented reality and the emerging trend of the metaverse. With the support of the Embassy and the CzechInvest agency, four Czech companies came together to present these phenomena of the time to experts and the general public to describe the projects they are currently working on and to outline what they want to do in the future.

Everyone agreed during the evening that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the onset of these technologies and, in addition, the need to digitise the industry. However, we are still at the beginning of development and still have a long way to go. However, the transition to virtual reality is considered by most to be inevitable. The frequently mentioned term was the so-called Web3, which can be considered the next phase of the development of the worldwide WWW network and is intended to serve the needs of a virtual environment built on a decentralized blockchain system and the use of cryptocurrencies.

The main organiser of the event was the company YORD Studio with its subsidiary company MOYA, which also operates in the United Kingdom. YORD Studio deals with creative experiences in an interactive environment such as VR simulations, presentations, fairs, etc., and the second area is augmented reality, which they design and prepare for customers. MOYA offers the first and unique digital marketplace for VR and AR. Another performer was the XLAB studio, known primarily for video mapping. However, their portfolio is much broader and offers multimedia services for live, hybrid and completely virtual events. The last participant was representatives of Victoria VR, whose goal is to provide a realistic representation of the virtual world and become a leader in the field of metaverse.

The presentations and a very active panel discussion were followed by networking and the opportunity to further develop the ideas that were voiced earlier and to talk about the possibilities of co-operation. We wish everyone involved good luck, both in the physical and virtual worlds.

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