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CzechInvest helps space startup conquer America, where the company signed a contract worth millions of dollars

CzechInvest helps space startup conquer America, where the company signed a contract worth millions of dollars Source: Groundcom plans to do business as a superterrestrial operator. CzechInvest has helped the Czech-Slovak team to realise this ambitious idea. At the Satellite 2022 conference in Washington, the company recently signed an exclusive contract worth several million dollars. Together with CzechInvest, it is currently making more contacts at the TechConnect trade fair and the Czech Tech Days event in the United States.

The startup connects the earth to satellites in orbit and is working on the development of a network of ground stations that enable communication as a service for operators of space missions. The company is a participant in the ESA BIC Czech Republic space incubator and set out with CzechInvest in autumn 2021 to gain experience within the three-month CzechAccelerator programme.

At the Satellite 2022 conference in Washington, the company’s representatives succeeded in signing an exclusive framework contract worth several million dollars to operate a prepared constellation of 400 satellites with a company that develops satellites for the US Air Force.

The startup currently has another opportunity to gain contacts through its participation in the TechConnect and Czech Tech Days trade fairs in New York together with CzechInvest. Several Czech companies will offer their products to foreign investors and establish strategic partnerships at these events.

The founder of, Jakub Lajmon, asserts that participation in CzechInvest’s programmes was crucial for the startup in many respects. According to Lajmon, without spending a few months in the United States, it would have been impossible to establish cooperation with a foreign investor. “Several weeks before we arrived, we drew up a list of companies that we needed to contact and started meeting with them immediately after our arrival. We thus found out what most concerns our clients and we could start adapting our products and services accordingly,” Lajmon says. 

At the same time, the company’s founder adds that CzechInvest’s acceleration programme, which enabled the company to test its product abroad without making any major investments, inspired a new strategy. “We managed to identify the segment of clients who benefit the most from our service and to whom we bring the greatest savings. Out of the list of hundreds, we suddenly had dozens of clients that we started to focus on more. I can therefore recommend CzechInvest’s services in this respect as well,” Lajmon adds. At present, the startup is recruiting employees in addition to clients. “We are now working on launching the initial stations and we need a top-level team for that,” Lajmon concludes.

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