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Baumann Springs to invest in Moravia-Silesia Region

The celebratory start of construction of Baumann Springs new plant took place today in Karvina (Moravia-Silesia Region). With its origins in Switzerland, Baumann Springs operates branches around the world and specializes in the production of technical springs, wire forms and stampings. The investment in construction and purchase of technologies should reach 3,8 million euros. Production should begin at the end of this year.

Baumann Springs to invest in Moravia-Silesia Region

Baumann Springs s.r.o. is part of the Baumann Spring group, which is among the world‘s important producers of technical springs. Baumann Spring’s products are intended for use in all kind of industries. Supplied to tier 2 and tier 3 suppliers, the products are used in automotive, electrics- & electronics, household appliances, machinery, building construction, sports & leisure and the medical industry.

“We consider it important that other types of investors than those from the traditional field of heavy industry are successfully being attracted to the region. This represents the revitalisation and versatility of the region, which can result in more jobs,” says Tomas Lacina, director of CzechInvest´s regional office in Ostrava, adding:“In the first phase, the company wants to employ approximately 60 people. If the factory is successful, it is possible that the number of employees will increase to up to 100.”

“The factory will present a range of opportunities for Czech suppliers in the region with which the investor has already established contacts. Most products will be intended for export,” says Filip Cerny, CzechInvest project manager.

“Land prepared for investment within the Nove Pole industrial zone in Karvina offers a quick start for every investor targeting its products at Central European markets. Thanks to long-term cooperation with CzechInvest, we are creating favourable conditions and supporting investments for new local and foreign investors,” says Tomas Hanzel, Deputy Mayor of Karvina.


Mr. Luigi Boccadamo, Project Manager

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