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Czech firm Motionlab headed to San Francisco for Startup World Cup

The firm previously won the Visegrad Four regional round

Czech firm Motionlab headed to San Francisco for Startup World Cup Source: CzechInvest

With its personalised video-advertisement project, the Czech start-up Motionlab succeeded against strong competition from more than two thousand European start-ups in the Startup World Cup & Summit at the Congress Centre in Prague on Wednesday, 10 April 2019. Motionlab was named the winner of the Visegrad Four regional round. The overall winner of the competition was the Swedish start-up Mimbly, which is focused on changing society’s perception in the approach to the purity of water and its use.

Mimbly and Motionlab advanced to the global final of the Startup World Cup, which will be held this year in May in San Francisco, together with other European finalists from, for example, Estonia, Poland, Norway, Spain, Italy, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland and Greece.

Motionlab has long cooperated with CzechInvest. With support from the agency’s CzechDemo project, the firm exhibited at the Web Summit in Lisbon in November 2018 and, in connection with the CzechAccelerator project, undertook a three-month stay in New York in the first quarter of this year.

CzechInvest was the main partner of the Startup World Cup & Summit. The agency, which has been focusing on support for start-ups since 2010, is responsible for coordination of activities leading to the formation of the national start-up and spin-off environment defined in the Innovation Strategy of the Czech Republic 2019-2030. Therefore, CzechInvest is striving ever more intensively to eliminate the fragmentation of the Czech start-up ecosystem and to more closely cooperate with the private start-up scene.

More information is available in the attached Startup World Cup & Summit press release and at

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