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ASBUCO 2017 conference focused on cooperation between Czech and Asian investors

The event was attended by Minister of Industry and Trade Jiří Havlíček and representatives of CzechInvest

ASBUCO 2017 conference focused on cooperation between Czech and Asian investors

ABUSCO 2017, the second annual conference on trade cooperation between the Czech Republic and Asia, took place in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic on Thursday, 25 May 2017. More than 100 attendees from the business community and the state administration held a discussion on the topic “Asia in the Czech Republic: Where are we heading?”. The event was organised by the Governance Institute under the auspices of CzechInvest and Member of Parliament Jaroslav Klaška.

The Asia Business Conference (ASBUCO) is an annual event focusing on business and trade with Asian countries, especially China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and India. It is a meeting of the community of investors, businesspeople and political entities that have long supported the development of trade cooperation with Asian nations. This year’s conference was divided into three blocks: foreign trade, Asian investments in the Czech Republic and related research and development. Speakers included Minister of Industry and Trade Jiří Havlíček, who emphasised the necessity of supporting partnership with the Asian region, as well as representatives of CzechInvest.

More information, including the conclusions reached at the conference, is available at

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