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Czech game studios attended a prestigious conference in Korea

Czech game studios attended a prestigious conference in Korea

The largest gaming conference G-STAR 2022 was held again in Busan from November 17-20. Over three thousand exhibitors prepared stands for 184,000 visitors. The CzechInvest agency and the Seoul ZU also had a stand at the event, representing 6 Czech game studios.

"During the conference, we had the opportunity to present not only the Czech companies represented by us, but also the entire Czech gaming sector with its strengths. We presented the Czech Republic as a suitable country for setting up further cooperation and entering the European market. During the event, we established closer communication with about 36 foreign companies, mainly from South Korea, but also from the USA, China, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia," says Michal Stroka, CzechInvest's foreign representative for South Korea.

A total of 987 companies from 43 countries exhibited at the conference, 184,000 visitors attended and another 970,000 watched the event online via G-STAR TV. More than 2,200 visitors attended the B2B section. Some of the largest exhibitors included Nexon, Netmerble, Krafton, WeMade, Kakao Games and Epic Games.

"Successful video games have around 95-99 % of their sales in foreign markets, making them almost purely an export item. In the more than 20 years I've been in the industry, the enormous buying power of the Asian market has become increasingly apparent. That's why for more than six years now I've had all the games I produce translated into Asian languages, including Korean, of course. But it was only thanks to the activity of CzechInvest and the Seoul Office that I had the opportunity to visit the country in person and check the reactions of the local audience, journalists and businessmen. It was a very valuable experience for me, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our current game The Last Oricru and other upcoming titles," says the Executive Producer of GoldKnights, who was present at the booth in person.

The Czech stand was organized by CzechInvest together with the Seoul Office of Foreign Affairs with the assistance of the Project of Economic Diplomacy (PROPED). CzechInvest represented 6 Czech gaming companies at the stand - CGE Digital, Fiolasoft, FireballRPG, GoldKnights, Immersice Division, Plan A Collective.

"Czech companies were excited about the conference, it is a unique opportunity to penetrate new markets and gain contacts to gaming companies from all over the world. CzechInvest will definitely participate in the next year and we will try to secure a larger area for adequate representation of even more companies," concludes Markéta Mentelová, Creative Industries Specialist at CzechInvest.

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