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Korean AI company Bluevisor Systems meets with Brno University of Technology and CzechInvest

Korean AI company Bluevisor Systems meets with Brno University of Technology and CzechInvest Source: DailyInvest

A Korean AI solution developer called Bluevisor Systems hosted AI technical exchange meeting at Bluevisor Systems Seoul office with Brno University of Technology, a meeting which has been mediated via CzechInvest Office in Seoul.

Bluevisor Systems focuses on development and supplying of AI-based HR solution ‘HIGHBUFF interview’ and AI wealth management solution ‘HIGHBUFF Wealth Management’. Founded in 1899, Brno University of Technology is the oldest engineering school in the Czech Republic and currently comprises eight faculties including the Faculty of Information Technology, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communications, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, etc. CzechInvest is a state contributory organization subordinate to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic which supports potential investors with current data and information on investment climate as well as opportunities in the Czech Republic.

The main agenda of this technical exchange meeting was the demonstration of AI technology and possibility of launching HIGHBUFF solution in Czech version, R&D cooperation in the field of AI algorithm, AI natural language, cloud, and cyber security, and the possibility of entering Czech market through cooperation with HR companies in Czech Republic.

“Through this technical exchange meeting, we found great market potential in Czech Republic for our AI-based non-face-to-face HR solution HIGHBUFF” said CEO of Bluevisor Systems, Mr. Yong Guk Hwang, “We will do our best to gain a foothold as an overseas player by expanding business network.”

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