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European Startup Network calls for solidarity with Ukrainian people

The European Startup Network is appalled by the Ukrainian situation

European Startup Network calls for solidarity with Ukrainian people

Ukraine is a part of Europe and just became a conflict zone.  It is of utmost importance that as an independent country, Ukraine can build and grow its own tech sector and startup ecosystem. However, due to the current circumstances and in the spirit of European friendship, we would like to welcome any Ukrainian. In our field, we know that many Ukrainian entrepreneurs are now looking for safer places for their projects, their employees and family members. 

The European Startup Network wants to provide solutions and is calling all startup ecosystems to open a friendly door: any Ukrainian founder who would like to find a safe harbor will be welcomed by any member organization of ESN.

  • In Bulgaria, our member organization BESCO is working with the government to open borders for all tech talent (and their families) working for Ukrainian companies represented in Bulgaria or Bulgarian companies with employees residing in Ukraine.
  • In France, Euratechnologies will sponsor visa applications for tech founders and their families, and offer free access to its acceleration programs for up to 30+ startups :
  • In Spain, Spanish Startups will provide free consultancy for all the startups and founders who would like to move to Spain and provide assistance about the ecosystem and how to start operations in the country.
  • In Romania, as a southern neighboring country, ROTSA is offering assistance and connections with the entire national ecosystem to Ukrainian startups looking for relocation/expansion in the proximity of their national territory, for the time needed. Additionally we will continue to ask our government to adopt more friendly startup visa conditions.
  • In Latvia, the startup ecosystem, led by Startin.LV, TechHub Riga, and TechChill, is urging the national government to soften the immigration and legal requirements for the Ukrainian entrepreneurs and startups seeking to expand to Europe and/or relocate.
  • In Italy, InnovUp is asking the Italian Government to activate an immediate visa pass for startuppers and all innovative entrepreneurs from Ukraine.
  • In Portugal, besides the country’s official solidarity already expressed for the Ukraine people and the 28,000 Ukrainians living in Portuguese territory, Beta-i is contacting all of it Ukrainian startup alumni to offer support, and it’s also open to provide assistance to any entrepreneur aiming to move its business to the country.

Our European continent is about solidarity. At ESN, we are calling all startups on the Continent to take their responsibilities and extend a friendly hand to Ukrainians. Yet, our profound hope is that peace is created for Ukrainian people.

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Taken from European Startup Network.

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