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Czechs promote their medical research in Great Britain

CzechInvest’s latest technology mission was focused on oncology and cardiology.

Czechs promote their medical research in Great Britain

Czech researchers focusing on oncology and cardiology took part in a technology mission to Great Britain from 31 August and 4 September 2015. The trip was organised by CzechInvest in order to help selected specialists to establish contacts with their foreign colleagues.

“Czech researchers in these fields are among the best and thus have a lot to offer the British,” said Roman Pašek, a project manager at CzechInvest.

The specialists who participated in the technology mission are from facilities such as the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague, the International Clinical Research Centre in Brno and the Regional Centre for Applied Molecular Oncology. While visiting London and Cambridge, they encountered local capacities in the fields of oncology and cardiology, and briefly touched on molecular biology. In cooperation with the British Embassy in Prague, CzechInvest’s employees sought out potential partners in Great Britain from the ranks of public research organisations and research-oriented firms. The Czechs met with British research teams and visited their facilities.

In connection with the trip, the delegation also participated in a seminar organised by One Nucleus, an association of the most significant pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms in Britain. The delegates presented their activities to approximately 80 attendees.

CzechInvest regularly organises foreign technology missions. This year Czech researchers in various fields have travelled to, for example, the United States and Mexico. The objectives of these trips are to gain partners for joint research and exchanges and to offer sharing of research capacities.

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