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The Czech Republic is the fourth most popular destination among people working abroad

Foreigners living in the Czech Republic stated that they live and work well here


This is according to the Expat Explorer 2016 survey conducted by HSBC in forty-five countries. People living and working outside of their home country evaluated three aspects of living and working in a given country, namely the economy, life experience and family. 

Foreigners living in the Czech Republic rated the country highly in the life experience category. They especially valued Czech hospitality to foreign cultures. The assessed the economic conditions here as being better than in, for example, England or Ireland. The biggest Czech success in the ranking is, however, second place in the family category. Sixty-four percent of foreigners living in the Czech Republic rated the quality of education here as better than in their home countries and more than half of respondents stated that the costs of education are lower in the Czech Republic. Parents also value the quality of childcare here. 

According to foreigners, where is the best place to live and work? 

1. Singapore 
2. New Zealand  
3. Canada 
4. Czech Republic 
5. Switzerland
6. Norway
7. Austria 
8. Sweden 
9. Bahrain 
10. Germany