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Czech-Japanese Innovation Day

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Czech-Japanese Innovation Day

Join the Czech-Japanese Innovation Day and discover the best Czechia has to offer. Learn some information about space technologies and get in touch with new partners!

On April 23rd 2024CzechInvest in cooperation with JETRO will hold the fourth edition of the Czech-Japanese Innovation Day. Six cutting-edge Czech companies will present their capabilities and current trends in leading domestic industries to the Japanese market.

The link to join the event will be sent to you on 22 April 2024.

Online - MS Teams
Japanese time zone

  • 23. 4. 2024 16:30 - 23. 4. 2024 18:00


Please note, this program is subject to change at any time.

9:30 (CET)/16:30 (JST)

Opening remarks by moderator

  • Mr. Jakub Hajek | Director for Japanese Operations, CzechInvest/CzechTrade Tokyo
  • Mr. Go Shimuta | Director-General, JETRO Prague
9:34 (CET)/16:34 (JST) Opening remarks by Ambassadors
  • Mr. Kansuke Nagaoka  |  Ambassador of Japan to the Czech republic
  • Mr. Martin Klučar  |  Ambassador of the Czech republic to Japan
9:40 (CET)/16:40 (JST)

Introduction of Czech Space sector environment

  • Mrs. Marie Nemeckova | Director for Space Hub, CzechInvest

9:50 (CET)/16:50 (JST)

Presentation -  CORAC Engineering

10:00 (CET)/17:00 (JST)

Presentation - ECOTEN Urban Comfort

10:10 (CET)/17:10 (JST)

Presentation - UDX

10:20 (CET)/17:20 (JST)

Presentation - AdvaScope

10:30 (CET)/17:30 (JST)

Presentation - Statotest

10:40 (CET)/17:40 (JST)

Presentation - 3D2Space

10:50 (CET)/17:50 (JST)

Closing remarks

  • Mr. Jakub Hájek | Director for Japanese Operations, CzechInvest/CzechTrade Tokyo
  • Mr. Go Shimuta | Director-General, JETRO Prague

About companies

CORAC Engineering

Sector: Telecommunication technology
Product: Access Management for satellites
Space connection: Earth observation
Funding stage: Seed -> Early -> Growth -> Exit

CORAC is a space technology company developing SW and HW solutions for resilient communication in space.

Unique selling points

  • Off-the-shelf solution for CubeSats
  • Adjustable for post-quantum world
  • End-to-end solution covering communication from 3rd party contractors to satellite payloads

Field: Cyber Security, Space Industry, Information Security

CORAC Engineering is interested in networking with satellite integrators based in Japan. We have the intention to provide our state-of-the-art and continually supported solution "Secure satellite uplink/downlink" to any satellite mission. Our goal is to increase the cyber-resilience of Japanese space services and decrease development and maintenance costs.

ECOTEN Urban Comfort

Sector: Urban Overheating
Product: Climate-proof Cities
Space connection: Earth observation
Funding stage: Seed -> Early -> Growth -> Exit

We are convinced that the future of our planet depends on building sustainable cities, and we are determined to use our potential to empower urban developers to build more resilient cities. Identifying critical hotspots allows decision-makers to implement more efficiently heat mitigation strategies to protect the citizens and provide a nicer urban environment. Assessing the microclimate impacts of potential urban projects helps the city determine the most efficient strategies to adopt in order to create resilience.

Unique selling points

  • Tailored services for forward-looking cities
  • Urban Heat Vulnerability Assessment
  • Urban Microclimate Simulations

Field: Earth Observation, Smart Cities, Sustainability

We are looking for clients and partners (urbanists, urban development stakeholders and smart city developers). We are also looking for research and development opportunities.
Our aim is to provide services to urban planners and urban development stakeholders in Japan:

  • Urban thermal vulnerability map
  • Urban Microclimate Simulation
  • Urban resilience service


  • Japan has large, densely populated cities with very unique urbanism.
  • Japan has an ageing population and other vulnerable populations that need to be protected.
  • We want to help Japanese cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Yokohama develop climate change/sustainability action plans and protect their residents from extreme heat.

We are looking for clients:

  • Public sector:
    • Municipal governments.
    • Urban planning departments and institutes (e.g. IPR Prague in the Czech Republic).
  • Private sector:
    • Urban planning companies.
    • Urban design companies
    • Architectural firms
    • Smart city development companies
    • Environmental agencies/companies
    • Development companies
  • Research and development sector (on topics such as smart cities, urban environment, environmental engineering, architecture, sustainability, urban planning)
    • Space agencies (e.g. JAXA)
    • Universities (e.g. University of Tokyo, Kyoto University)
    • Research labs and institutes
    • Climate change agencies
    • Smart city development agencies


Sector: Mobility
Product: 2 passenger electric drone
Space connection: Technology Transfer
Funding stage: Seed -> Early -> Growth -> Exit

The UDX’s vehicle is designed for practical applications in rescue, urban transport and recreational flying. Its focus is on creating a reliable and versatile hoverbike that is easy and safe to use.

The Airwolf features a unique eVTOL technology that allows vertical take-off and landing like a drone, but with the control and experience of a motorcycle. It’s equipped with safety features such as shrouded propellers to protect against external hazards and extended flight range via integrated wings, pushing the boundaries of conventional urban mobility.

In the incubation phase, UDX aims to further develop the prototype – optimising its aerodynamics, control systems and safety mechanisms to meet rigorous standards. Through this process, UDX will to bring the Airwolf closer to consumer readiness, ensuring that it operates within existing and future aviation regulations.

Unique selling points

  • Prioritizing compact design and safety, Airwolf is uniquely positioned as a user-friendly and sustainable personal aircraft in the VTOL industry, featuring shrouded propellers, minimal maintenance demands, and efficient electric propulsion, making it one of the most user-friendly and environmentally conscious hoverbikes suitable for individual use.
  • By focusing on a multifunctional design, UDX ensures Airwolf is an essential tool for rescue operations, a swift solution for urban commuters, and a must-have for adventure enthusiasts, promoting widespread adoption and diverse application.
  • Airwolf offers a novel approach to eVTOL design by enabling both vertical lift and extended-range flight, increasing its versatility for varied use cases.

Field: Aviation, Mobility

Objectives: We are looking for investors and battery suppliers.


Sector: Structure monitoring
Product: GNSS structure monitoring and IoT sensors
Space Connection: Satellite navigation
Funding stage: Seed -> Early -> Growth -> Exit

We will develop high precision submilimeter GNSS system integrated to our sensor and solution ecosystem. It will help us to cover more applications, serve current customers and find new customers.

Unique selling points

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Very low operating costs
  • On-line data in graphs 24/7
  • Quick evaluation and overview

Field: Satellite Navigation, Construction, Infrastructure Monitoring, Sustainability, Mobility

We are looking for cooperation in development/research or we are looking for partners who are interested in our topic.

In the Czech Republic and also in Germany we cooperate with research institutions, where our monitoring systems are partly used in research projects to obtain input data. The second part is joint research projects resulting in improved monitoring systems for specific applications or cases.

As far as partners are concerned, we are looking for companies that are active in the market and interested in infrastructure monitoring, safety and sustainability of roads and railways. Our systems have the potential to be a very interesting tool to achieve the objectives in these areas. We would be happy to meet with a company that is also interested in this topic and sees potential in similar areas.


Sector: Particle Detection
Product: Electron Microscopes
Space Connection: Technology Transfer
Funding stage: Seed -> Early -> Growth -> Exit

We are a team of experts. We specialise in creating particle detection systems for electron microscopes. We are leaders in cutting edge imaging technologies that exceed our customers‘ demands today and empower them to solve the challenges tomorrow. We bring together decades of experience in the design and development of hybrid-pixel detector systems. Our detectors provide single electron sensitivity for use in high resolution, high speed and high sensitivity applications. We partner with leading electron microscope manufacturers and produce technology leading particle detection systems.

Unique selling points

  • (4D )STEM in SEM/TEM
  • µED (micro electron diffraction)
  • EBSD
  • EELS
  • Micro/nano CT
  • Ptychography

Field: Miroscopy, Cosmic Radiation, Particle Detection, Materials Engineering

What are we looking for:

  • "help" in establishing cooperation with leading electron microscope manufacturers in JP. That is, the electron microscope divisions of JEOL and HITACHI.
  • Currently we have established cooperation with Thermo Fisher Scientific, TESCAN (CZ) and Zeiss Microscopy (DE). Together with JEOL and HITACHI we would cover this market globally, as these are basically all the major players in the world.
  • Contact with research institutes and universities that use electron microscopes for their research. About 1/3 of our EU shipments to date have come from this area.
  • A distributor to help us in the JP market.
  • Of course we would also welcome investment, but that is for a more detailed analysis of the possibilities, as 60% of the shares are held by Advacam.

What do we offer:

  • Hybrid pixel detectors based on Timepix technology (technology from CERN, where we have a licence for its commercial use) for electron microscopy.
  • In general, however, we focus on the application of detection systems in vacuum environments.
  • The use of our detection systems takes the capabilities of electron microscopes to a whole new level.


Sector: Satellite subsystems
Product: 2U cubesat structure
Space Connection: New Space
Funding stage: Seed

3D2Space s.r.o. is a spin-off of ONE3D s.r.o., the leader in the field of additive manufacturing in the Czech Republic. The company has extensive experience in research and development of additive technologies (metal, plastic). Currently, 3D2Space is developing a 2U cubesat structure made of AlSi10Mg material, customised for specific applications and at the price level of the conventional solution. These can be used for most nanosatellites, even if they are equipped with standardised components. However, the greatest benefits of the additive frame are seen when it is customised for non-standard payloads. This saves weight and ensures a high level of structural rigidity.

Unique selling points

  • customised design precisely made for the customer's needs
  • optimised for small-batch production, allowing to reduce lead time significantly
  • resource-friendly and sustainable technology
  • lower weight for the same production costs

Field: Additive Manufacturing, Materials Engineering

Objectives: We are mainly interested in new customers, especially in the aerospace sector. We are also open to opportunities and cooperation in the field of research and development, and we will also be happy to meet with potential investors.

The event is intended both for companies and institutions as well as for the expert public. Hence, if you are a startupSMElarge companyuniversity or R&D institutionthe event is for you.

Following the online seminar full of intriguing presentations, you can look forward to business matching, which will directly connect Czech and Japanese entities within the MS Teams platform.

The b2b meetings will be arranged by JETRO based on requests from Japanese companies’ participants after the event.

Participation in the event is free of charge upon prior registration.

Technical support:

Martin Marek
+420 720052605






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