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Other Countries System

Other Countries System

The Other Countries System is intended for employers that want to employ skilled applicants from Mongolia, the Philippines and Serbia in positions classified in the CZ-ISCO 4-8 categories. Inclusion in the Other Countries System enables applicants to receive a date for submitting Employee Card applications at the Czech Embassy in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Manilla (Philippines) or in Belgrade (Serbia).

The system is intended only for direct employers operating in the Czech Republic in the areas of manufacturing, services or the public sector that have been conducting business in the Czech Republic for a minimum period of two years and employ at least ten workers, do not having any outstanding obligations toward the state and have long been unable to fill vacant positions using Czech labour-market resources. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic issues decisions on inclusion in the Other Countries System on the basis of recommendations from CzechInvest or business associations.

The annual quota is 1,000 applicants for Mongolia and Philippines, i.e. approximately 85 applicants per month. The annual quota for Serbia is 2,000 applicants. Upon reaching the full monthly capacity, acceptance of applications at the given embassies will be suspended.

In the case of a mass application, i.e. an application with 30 or more applicants, the employer must submit a declaration in which it undertakes to cooperate with the Centre for Support of Integration of Foreigners in the relevant region, as well as an affidavit on consultation with employees regarding its endeavour (Section 280 [1] of Act No. 262/2006 Coll., the Labour Code) and the agreement of the mayor of the municipality in which the foreigners will be housed following their arrival in the Czech Republic.

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