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Czech circular hotspot

Czech circular hotspot

In connection with innovations, the circular economy represents potential for start-ups and an opportunity to improve both the environment and the economic performance of companies. It is a trend that is also one of the main priorities of the European Union. CzechInvest decided to promote this more sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to business and established cooperation with the Circular Economy Institute, a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that is a leader in the field of the circular economy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. So that these two institutions can fully join forces in the development of the circular economy and business, they introduced the Czech Circular Hotspot at the International Engineering Fair 2019 in Brno.

What is the circular economy?

In the circular economy concept, waste practically does not exist. The basic principles that define the circular economy include enclosing material flows in functional and endless cycles without loss of value, obtaining energy from renewable and sustainable sources and designing products and services that do not have negative impacts on natural ecosystems and human resources. Compared to the linear economy, which involves extracting raw materials from which are manufactured products with an often extremely short service life that are subsequently consumed, the circular economy offers a functional alternative. Its purpose is to move away from consumption of primary raw materials through dematerialisation, digitalisation and use of waste as a resource for further production.

However, the transition to the circular economy will not only bring forth changes that aim to reduce the negative impacts of the linear economy. It is a systemic shift that builds long-term resilience, creates business and economic opportunities, and provides environmental and social benefits. According to the European Commission, the transition from the linear economy to the circular economy will strengthen Europe’s competitiveness, reduce dependence on mining and imports of primary raw materials and create new jobs.

Circular economy

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What is it about?

The Czech Circular Hotspot is focused on domestic companies that use the circular economy concept and their development at the international level. Launched in cooperation with the Circular Economy Institute and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Czech Republic, the initiative has the purpose of facilitating access to Czech and foreign know-how, technologies and capital in the areas of the circular economy and eco-innovation. Circular hotspots are currently being set up throughout the European Union in order to connect member states and assist them on the path to establishing the circular economy. The vision of the Czech Circular Hotspot is to place the Czech Republic as a European leader in the circular economy.

Map of selected circular companies

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Get inspired!

The map provides an overview of selected existing “circular” companies in the Czech Republic, namely ERC-Tech a.s., PLASTIA, s.r.o, JRK Česká republika s.r.o., KOMA MODULAR s.r.o., ASIO TECH, spol. s r.o., IKEA Česká republika, s.r.o., Skanska a.s., BRENS EUROPE, a.s., Biopekárna Zemanka s.r.o., Opravárna s.r.o., CIUR a.s., CYRKL Zdrojová platforma, s.r.o., TIERRA VERDE s.r.o., Sonnentor s.r.o. and RETEX a.s. More information about the individual companies is available in the Czech version of this page.

The aim is to inspire other companies to transition to the circular economy and eco-innovation.