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USA - California

USA - California

CzechInvest in San Francisco

CzechInvest’s West Coast office is the main point of contact for current and future investors as well as Czech start-ups heading to Silicon Valley or other tech hubs. The office provides all information and contacts that a potential investor may need when considering the Czech Republic as a suitable investment location or for Czech startups to succeed on the American market.

The United States is the third most significant investor in the Czech Republic. Successful West Coast partners and investors operating in the Czech Republic include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Cisco, Oracle, Honeywell, AT&T, Bell Helicopters, CAT Solar Turbines, FEI, On-Semiconductor, ExxonMobil and NetSuite.

The primary aim of CzechInvest’s West Coast office is to attract to the Czech Republic FDI with particular focus on high-value-added projects in the areas of autonomous driving and e-mobility, ICT, biotechnology, clean tech and high-tech manufacturing, as well as taking care of existing investors in the Czech Republic.

CzechInvest provides a broad scope of business intelligence and related consulting that new and existing investors may need with respect to the possibilities of financial incentives, selection of office and industrial facilities, identification of M&A targets and up-to-date information on the investment climate.

Besides the agency’s primary aim, we have long been engaged in providing assistance to Czech start-ups whose innovative products have a real chance of being adopted by American customers and thus drawing the attention of VC funds. Through several programmes, we have been bringing start-ups to Silicon Valley in order to accelerate their business.

Mrs. Anna HightDirector for West Coast Operations +1 (415) 605
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