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Strong Focus on R&D

Strong Focus on R&D

CzechInvest’s R&D Support Department has a unique position in the Czech R&D landscape, as it offers consultancy, liaising with other relevant bodies, organization of various events, support for high-tech investments coming into the country and facilitation of bilateral and multilateral cooperation. It is a one-stop shop for all R&D related endeavors.

  • Experienced team of R&D specialists
  • Comprehensive know-how powered by hard data
  • Unique position bridging the gap between industry and academia

From the country that introduced the soft contact lens to the world and successfully developed the compounds on which current anti-AIDS drugs are based, Czech companies and institutions have already left a large footprint on ground-breaking technologies. The areas of interest span hologram production, nanofibres, speech recognition, hyaluronic acid, cybernetics, stem-cell research and many others. An example that speaks for all is our success in materials research supported by the fact that the Czech Republic is a major world producer of electron microscopes. The ability to draw extensive aid from European Union structural funds for the period 2014 to 2020 for the purpose of fostering R&D and enhancing the country’s R&D infrastructure will help to ensure that the Czech Republic remains in the vanguard of innovation. Because of its unique R&D environment, the Czech Republic has been able to attract major foreign investments focusing on research, such as those of GE Aviation, Honeywell and Red Hat. 

R&D Funding

The Czech Republic has a solid system of funding and with its access to EU structural funds, the country has even surpassed the EU average of R&D spending, reaching nearly 2% of GDP in 2015. Investors can benefit not only from targeted R&D-funding programs, but also from tax deduction of R&D-related expenses and from R&D investment incentives (more information about incentives for technology centers is available here).

R&D Infrastructure

The Czech Republic is home to some of Europe’s oldest and largest technical universities, such as the Czech Technical University in Prague, which dates back to 1707 and currently has over 31,000 students. There are in total 68 universities in the country, of which 18 provide high-quality STEMM education and conduct research in these fields. The Czech Republic’s research infrastructure has been strengthened by the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation with a total budget of more than EUR 2.1 billion. Approximately two-thirds of these funds have been used to construct eight large infrastructure facilities in the category of European Centers of Excellence and forty regional R&D centres. These research centers currently operate in a variety of fields and include equipment such as a supercomputer in Ostrava and the world’s most powerful laser located in a facility just outside of Prague.

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