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Quality of life

Quality of life

Wonderful castles and chateaux, world famous spas, unspoiled countryside, historical cities – all of this is Czechia.

Since the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Czechia has become a highly popular destination. Tens of thousands of foreigners have happily settled here, enjoying the country’s combination of a high standard of living and low costs. 

Although in most respects life in Czechia has rapidly approached western standards of living, the cost of living remains substantially lower than in Western Europe. Prague and many other cities are famous for their architectural heritage, museums, theaters, cinemas, galleries and cafés. An overwhelming choice of cultural events is on offer, embracing all types of music and an outstanding theatrical tradition. A number of foreign cultural centers, ranging from the British Council to the Goethe-Institut, also offer a wide range of events and services.

Enjoy Czechia

Ranked the eleventh safest destination out of 167 countries in the world

17 historical sites on the UNESCO Heritage List

Over 900 castles and fortresses

Over six hundred protected urban areas, including 294 towns and 276 villages

38 spas

107 golf courses

4 national parks and 26 protected landscape areas (nearly 15% of the country's total area)

16 mountain ranges higher than 1,000 meters

44,000 km of walking trails

Over 40,000 km of cycling trails

Over 600 km of ski slopes

The annual InterNations/Expat Insider survey, “the largest expat survey worldwide,” is a quality-of-life ranking that reveals what expats have to say about the living standards in their home away from home.  In 2023 Czechia ranks 11st (out of 53 countries).

Czechia was praised for its good health care for children and high-quality and affordable education. It scored highly in leisure options (10th), travel and transit (7th), healthcare (21st), safety and security (11st), work and leisure (4th).

InterNations/Expat Insider survey (Quality of life index), 2023

Rank Country
1 Spain
2 Taiwan
3 Finnland
5 Austria
6 Singapore
... ...
11 Czechia
16 Estonia
25 Poland
Source: Expat Insider, 2024

In 2024 the Institute of Economics and Peace ranked Czechia 12th on its list of the most peaceful countries in the world. According to another survey published by Inter Nations, Czechia is the 13th most popular destination among people working abroad.

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