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VisionCraft sensors help manage parking-space reservations and traffic flow, and monitor people’s movements in real time

A new technology from the Brno-based startup VisionCraft contributes to the optimum management of parking spaces, control of traffic density and detection of people’s movements. Using sensors and artificial intelligence, it records movement in real time, thus obtaining useful data that can be used immediately for optimising the traffic situation in major cities, for example. With its sensors and assistance from CzechInvest’s expansion-focused programmes, VisionCraft has the ambition to conquer global markets in the field of smart cities.

The core of the startup consists of a senior technology team with international business experience, which predestined the new company to get off to a quick start. Collaboration with Masaryk University also played an important role. The startup is focusing tremendous effort on research in the area of artificial intelligence. Robert Pinkas, co-founder and CEO of VisionCraft, succinctly sums up the project’s vision: “We are raising the level of satisfaction of people living in cities.”

The innovative nature of VisionCraft’s technology also consists in the flexible installation of sensors anywhere, for example in public and private parking lots, at intersections and at shopping centres. Thanks to its low energy and data intensity combined with a unique battery cell, it is not dependent on a permanent power supply or a fixed data connection. Furthermore, it is available as a service in the form of a simple subscription, i.e. for a fraction of the acquisition price of other solutions, and can be easily obtained by both private companies and municipalities.

“It is an automated system that learns and adapts to reality thanks to the use of artificial-intelligence processes. We see uses for the system beyond the transport environment, as new areas of use are constantly becoming apparent to us, which is confirmed by the POC installations that have already been carried out. Examples include the installations in Brno for monitoring the movement of people and traffic, as well as in Želešice, where we are helping to monitor the transit of trucks through the town,” says Pinkas.

“The whole process of mentoring provided by CzechInvest was extremely beneficial for us and literally pushed us in a new direction.” (Robert Pinkas, co-founder and CEO of VisionCraft)

VisionCraft and CzechInvest 

In autumn 2020, the VisionCraft team turned to CzechInvest for assistance with finding strategic distribution, technology and financial partners. The team also expressed interest in consulting on how to effectively manage the company in the international environment.

Representatives of the startup got involved in the CzechStarter programme with the specific aim of creating a realistic go-to market strategy and business plan for the company’s expansion. They utilised mentoring and assistance with market and competition research, setting up a product user interface and protection of intellectual property, including prospective patent registration. “The whole process of mentoring provided by CzechInvest was extremely beneficial for us and literally pushed us in a new direction. We learned how to operate effectively on the market, how to identify the beneficial values of our system for end-customers and how to gain real business and, of no less importance, potential development partners,” Pinkas adds.

The company is now ready to commence its foreign expansion, which will be directed toward at Europe, the Middle East, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. VisionCraft is interested in participating in other programmes aimed at supporting entry into foreign markets, including CzechMatch, CzechAccelerator and CzechDemo. Due to the openness of the VisionCraft system, the company anticipates that CzechInvest’s programmes will help to increase its chances of entering foreign markets and identifying opportunities there.

The VisionCraft team’s most recent success is an invitation to participate in Expo Dubai 2021, specifically in the City for the Future activity, which will take place in January 2022 within the Czech exhibition pavilion. “This will be our first time to participate in such an important activity, which EXPO definitely is. As a very young company, we very much appreciate this opportunity and we are looking forward to taking part in it. I am convinced that this event will also enable us to make significant progress and validate our ambition to become a global player on the market of applying automation to everyone’s real life,” Pinkas concludes.

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