Business and Investment Development Agency

Database of business properties

Database of business properties

CzechInvest administers an extensive database of business properties, which is the most comprehensive of its kind in the Czech Republic. Via the database municipalities and business entities can offer suitable spaces for business.

Business properties are:

  • construction plots intended for industry and services
  • industrial halls intended for production
  • spaces for science and research
  • office spaces
  • brownfields

Including property in the database

Are you interested in offering your property through the database of business properties? Does your property fulfil the criteria mentioned below? If so, please send us your interest to We will send you the link to the registration form with instructions. After successful completion, your property will be put into our database and offered to investors according to their requirements.

Criteria for including property in the database:

  • Plots for purposes of industrial use (manufacturing production)
  • size of at least 1 ha (10,000 m2)
  • with resolved property-rights relationships (documented with an extract from the Land Register)
  • with approved land-use planning documentation (site intended for industrial production)
  • lying outside the floodplain or unstable undermined land
Industrial halls
  • in excellent technical condition, possible to use immediately or after small modifications (new construction or renovation, maximum 20 years old)
  • size of at least 500 m2 production space
  • with resolved property-rights relationships (documented with an extract from the Land Register)

From the database, CzechInvest preparesoffers for Czech and foreign investors that want to implement their projects in the Czech Republic in the areas of manufacturing, business support services and technology centres, as well as for interested parties including development companies and other entities looking for suitable opportunities for the implementation of development projects.

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