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Siemens ranks at the top among technology giants. With CzechInvest, the company is expanding in the Czech Republic

We make real what matters. This is Siemens’ core value and an idea that offers a view into the future world of innovation and technology. Siemens ranks among the largest technology companies in the Czech Republic and has been an integral part of the country’s industry for more than 130 years. Thanks to CzechInvest, it is also able to bolster the Czech Republic’s innovation potential, create jobs and enhance the qualifications of the workforce.

The Siemens Group in the Czech Republic is part of the technology powerhouse concern Siemens AG, which has been a synonym for quality, innovation and reliability for more than 170 years. In the Czech Republic, the company has been long contributing to ensuring economic prosperity, while striving to improve the quality of life and the environment.

The company also provides nearly 11,000 jobs here, making it one of the largest employers in the country.

Siemens focuses on the areas of industry, distributed energy systems, public infrastructure and building technology. The separately managed companies Siemens Healthineers and Siemens Mobility operate in the medical technology and rail transport markets, respectively, while Siemens Energy is focused on power generation.

As a partner providing state-of-the-art automation and digitalisation technologies for the discrete and process industries, Siemens helps to fully utilise the potential connected with digital transformation. It offers enterprises of all sizes products, solutions and services for integration and digitalisation of the entire value chain using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, edge computing, digital twin, 5G industrial network, autonomous handling systems, blockchain and additive manufacturing.

Innovative projects on which Siemens is currently working on around the world include the following:

  • private 5G network at the Deutsche Messe exhibition grounds in Germany
  • new grid control center system for the distribution network
  • the first high-speed rail system in Egypt
  • charging infrastructure for Rampini electric buses in Genoa, Italy
  • power bridge connecting Crete with mainland Greece

One of the objectives on which Siemens is focusing is the improvement of the ways we live and work, as well as ensuring greater efficiency and sustainability. These goals are being achieved through the smart interconnection of energy systems and buildings. Integration of software and hardware, products and systems will lead to higher intelligence of the infrastructure and improvement of its responsiveness and accountability. Siemens is implementing these processes in numerous areas including, for example, smart-building and smartgrid solutions, infrastructure for electric vehicles and microgrids.

In the Czech Republic, Siemens operates a total of seven manufacturing plants, which produce electric motors of various axial heights, generators, busbar systems, geared motors, lowvoltage switching technology and circuit breakers. The value of Siemens’ exports in the Czech Republic exceeds half of its total turnover.

Siemens also operates shared-services centres (Global Business Services) in Prague and Ostrava, where for more than twenty years it has been providing innovation, design, transformation and efficient delivery of services for Siemens units around the world and also for external customers.

The centres’ offer includes a diverse spectrum of services in the broadest range of areas:

  • purchasing and accounting
  • human resources
  • sales and marketing support
  • project management
  • engineering

With technologies such as business process management, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and data analytics, the shared-services centres are the driving force in the area of business process automation and digital transformation for the entire Siemens group worldwide.

The Czech Republic is also an important partner for Siemens in the area of development. The country is no longer just a high-quality manufacturing base. Siemens has a total of eight development centres in the Czech Republic and ten competence centres with global responsibility, and all of the company’s manufacturing plants have their own development departments. Thanks to these centres and departments, the Siemens group supports education, research and development in all Czech regions where the company operates. Cooperation with secondary schools and universities is also important in this area, whether in the form of joint research and development projects, internships and scholarships, provision of classroom and laboratory equipment, or provision of lectures and guidance relating to graduate theses. Another form of motivation for young researchers is the Werner for Siemens Award, which has been received by than four hundred students, teachers and young scientists over the past twenty-three years. Their success has been recognised with financial awards totalling nearly CZK 14 million. Of no less importance, Siemens is co-founder of the National Centre for Industry 4.0, which effectively brings together the academic and business worlds and enables researchers and students as well as representatives of small and medium-sized companies in particular to conduct testing in realworld conditions and further develop the use of digital technologies in production.

Siemens’ cooperation with municipalities and the non-profit sector is also significant. In municipalities, the company supports the development of smart infrastructure, such as smart buildings, smart power grids and modern transport solutions. The Siemens Help Fund, which was established in 2004 in order to improve cooperation with the non-profit sector, has since supported more than 400 projects of Czech non-profit organisations.

CzechInvest and Siemens

CzechInvest has long been a partner of Siemens in the search for the most appropriate tools for long-term development, especially in the area of the new workforce in shared services and research and development. In total, more than 35,000 jobs are associated with Siemens’ activities in the Czech Republic, which is one of the results of cooperation with Czech suppliers. These suppliers are active in the full scope of industry and services. CzechInvest also provides the company with consulting services focused on the use of investment support and aid provided within operational programmes. “Production is being digitalised and automated. The world is looking for fast, effective and flexible solutions using modern technologies. In the Czech Republic, we have a strong industrial tradition and skilful minds and hands, and we know how to seek out new solutions. Major opportunities are opening up for us in these sectors. And we need strong partners like Siemens in order to take advantage of those opportunities,” says Patrik Reichl, CEO of CzechInvest.

Siemens draws aid primarily from the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness (OPEIC), the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education (OPRDE) and the Operational Programme Employment (OPE). Between 2015 and 2021, the company submitted ten major investment and noninvestment projects for approval within OPEIC calls for the Innovation, Application, Energy Savings and ICT and Shared Services aid programmes. All of those projects have been approved and implemented, or are still in the implementation phase or sustainability period.

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